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Reviewed by drabbaskapasi2 / 10

A movie of misrepresentations.

It's really striking how the supposed people you are supposed to hate and despise look like muslims with skull caps and beards and trimmed mustaches. Also rare few mentions of how the rabbis of those times incited, hated and targeted Jesus. If one believed this movie, he would not guess that it were the Jews who betrayed Jesus and crucified him. Very subtle Islamophobia and complete omission of the crimes and atrocities of rabbis and jews of Jerusalem. Terrible work of a movie.

Reviewed by dkassymbayeva7 / 10

The message that needs to be heard

David Batty's documentary tells us a remarkable story of Jesus, which is based on theological and historical research. "The Gospel of Mark" is one of the four canonical gospels and it tells us the life of Jesus, his attitude and his message which he spread to the people. Most of the people have heard about the existence of Gospels, but not everyone pays close attention to its history and religious value. They are the main source of spreading the message of Jesus and based on his life example, he teaches people how to live right and obey to the one and only God. The director made this movie not fully documental but used elements of art genres to make it more entertaining for the viewer. The movie itself, shows the life of Jesus and his actions to the community. Jesus refers to himself as the Son of Man in the Gospel of Mark. "He said to them, "Elijah is indeed coming first to restore all things. How then is it written about the Son of Man, that he is to go through many sufferings and be treated with contempt?" (9:12) As the son of God, he has the ability to heal people diseases, exorcism, resurrection. At first, people did not believe him, most of them were scared of him. However, he never pursued the idea of being recognized and being famous. As one of the first scenes shows us, after healing a person he told him not to spread a word about his abilities. However, rumors spread out quickly and Jesus was not able to hide in the city anymore. People were coming to him all over the places to ask for help. The Gospel of Mark portraits the Jesus as more than a man, but the miracle who has the ability heal others. Author in the movie underlines the strengths of Jesus, which a regular man does not have. One of the brightest examples is him walking on the sea, during storm. At the same time, he did not open his true personality, since consequences people could not understand him. He had twelve people, who spread out his knowledge into different cities. The movie is based on the knowledge of that period of time, historical and theological evidence. Now Gospel of Mark is one of the foundations for Christians. People all over the world following his two main commandments. First, is there is one God and no one else is greater than him. This is the core of monotheistic religion. The pure belief that God is the Creator of everything and everyone and everyone will return to him. Second, is love your neighbor and never harm anyone. Those commandments are still actual in the modern world. Jesus was faithful, prayerful, wise and very humble and he always wanted to see that in others. When people had evil thoughts, he felt it and was wondering why people act this way. Truly religious man should be giving, patient and kind. At one of the scenes, the man comes to Jesus and asks him is he a religious man or not. Then Jesus tells him: "don't kill don't commit adultery don't steal." Also, Jesus added, in order to become fully prove your worship of God, he had to give away all the wealth and follow him. Man could not leave his materialistic means. That shows us how people are running for wealth and luxury in this world and forget about the religious values. The same idea is behind the reading, and that was one of the main messages of Jesus to the people. This movie is very educational in terms of giving main facts and events. It reminds us to think about who we are and our main personal values. Jesus healed people for the reason, he was living for people, and gave up his live for all of the human's worldly sins. The movie refers mostly on the reading "The Gospel of Mark" and retells the story. As the reading "Gospel of Mark" explains, Jesus pronounced woes to the people who seek for material only material needs. "But woe to you who are rich, woe to you who are full now, woe to you who laugh now, woe to you, when all people speak well of you. (Luke 6:25) Is it hard for people to leave all materialistic needs behind; however, only God decided what he deserves, and he is the Only one who can take and give everything. To conclude with, "The Gospel of Mark" contains certain interpretations of Jesus and his teachings. It might have different perspective from other Gospels, but for sure it brings a valuable lesson of human greediness, and true value of life. From both reading and the movie, we know that Jesus was the suffering Messiah, the son of God, who at the end sacrificed himself for all humans' sufferings. The reading and the movie are only small part of Gospels, but it brings a deep intension and makes people think about human values and our true reason on this Earth.

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