The Ghost Club: Spirits Never Die


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Reviewed by payupyou5 / 10

Credit given for the effort.....

Was the film scary? No, not really. Did the actors do a good job? Ya I believe they did given the script and direction...they seemed to be as believable as their skills allowed. It was good to see Forsythe, he looked comfortable in his flip flops and worn out shirt lol! I had the pleasure of bs'g with him over a cig years back at a convention. He said to me when I commented that the fans of horror really love our actors "it's what we do man". Big fan. The film doesnt suck and I hung in there throughout but I'm an honest reviewer, it's not great, a lot can be picked apart AND its darn near a flatout rework of Grave Encounters...which was done well and doesnt need reworking. That being said.....again the actors clearly tried very hard, the camera work and editing were pretty good as were the effects and score. I wouldn't recommend this if lieu of a mainstream horror but if you're a student of the game you should give it a watch.

Reviewed by phenomynouss1 / 10

not even remotely scary

Ive gone through enough low budget horror type films as these to not be creeped out in the slightest. But I don't seek to be scared or creeped out; I love the thrills and irony and subtlety and mystery. This film has absolutely none of that, on top of being incredibly poorly acted, shot, and CG'd.

literally the only thing that drew me to this was the name William Forsythe, who was unreasonably amazing in "The Devil's Rejects", and here puts on a performance as the caretaker of a mansion that is fascinating and curious. His accent is a bit unrealistic, but he otherwise comes across as a genuine southerner and decent enough guy.

he does much of his monologuing in the first 10 minutes, introducing the cast of a ghost hunting show to the mansion before leaving. Then we're left with the kids. If it's at all possible, their acting gets progressively worse as the movie unfolds.

The film is also very slow to unfold, while being somewhat gratuitous with its ghostly events, mostly in the form of noises, temperature shifts, and then about half-way through by having two ghosts just show up and mug it up in front of the entire group for several full seconds while the group yells at them that they're not scared because they're "professionals"

Which also reminds me that, from the start going in, the way these people call out and insult the ghosts, then after being confronted by the ghosts, start behaving as if they hadn't just been confronted by very obvious ghosts, wondering whether they should give up and leave or stay longer, two of them repeatedly saying they still don't believe in ghosts.

From here, it essentially gives up with being in any way creepy or subtle, and just goes for random. Someone gets randomly "possessed", then someone else gets "possessed", savagely punches one of the other group, then has sex with the other possessed person. Later the guy who was savagely beaten is recovered by a friend and is not only completely fine, but not even bleeding despite being hit in the face repeatedly by either a balled fist or a metal rod of some sort.

This incoherent "sex" scene goes on way too long and it shot as though it's some kind of demonoid phenomenon, and not just a pointless sex scene with less nudity than a PG-13 romantic comedy. The group starts getting split up for no real reason, and climaxes with their leader, the supposed "skeptic" being picked up by a ghost, hovering through the air while he repeatedly squeals "I don't believe in you!" then thrown out the window.

The remaining two members run out and are confronted suddenly by dozens of ghosts standing around outside the house, and the CG work done on them makes you say out loud "That's a shame".

Every single jump scare moment provokes bursts of laughter at how painfully awful they are in virtually every way. The absolute worst one happens in the back of the car at the very end as two of the kids are getting away. A ghostly image of their leader the so-called skeptic flickers in and out in the back seat. Then suddenly he appears again and lunges at the camera like a kid imitating a dinosaur, accompanied by an ancient sound effect that is best known to me as "that metallic scrapey/lasery sound at the very beginning of Command & Conquer: Red Alert's intro sequence, and has been used as a mechanical sound effect in half of all sci-fi movies and tv shows from the 80s, 90s, and 00s".

How and why a ghost would make a mechanical noise, who cares the movie is over and it was terrible.

Reviewed by guestar577 / 10

More than we expect from Ghost Busters - The pink version

Stars : William Forsyth as the caretaker.

Written by: Hank Blumenthal & Jason Nunes.

Directed by: Hank Blumenthal.

OK, So this is gonna be a web-series, Video Game & all kinds of stuff franchise ! BUT, Just like ' Game Of Thrones' Don't get attached to favorite characters, No Spoiler, Just fact.

This Pilot/film starts off kind of slow, With characters that are cool & all and and have layers and knowledge about Ghost Hunting unlike the NEW cast of GHOSTBUSTERS – pink sequel.

About 3/4 of the way through all kinds of apparition mayhem hits and the movie takes off in a wonderfully twisted journey through this old house with A lot of secrets.

William Forsyth has a very nice role as the House Caretaker and brings early class to film,That at end deserved his presence.

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