The Garden Left Behind


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Edward Asner as Dr. Cleary
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Michael Madsen as Kevin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brennaus8 / 10

Beautiful movie about, love, friendship, and transformation

Saw this at SXSW, where Brazilian director Flavio Alves won the audiences' award. The movie is about Tina, a trans-woman from Mexico, living as illegal immigrant together with her caring grandmother in New York. The movie is almost shot like a documentary, following Tina's struggle with love, anti-trans violence, and her medical and psychological transition to become a woman. Shot with mainly first-time actors from the New York trans activist scene (and a supporting role by Michael Madsen as barkeeper) the movie feels completely authentic and realistic. The director and his co-writer John Rotondo mentioned at a Q&A at SXSW that they had no prior knowledge about trans women, they wanted to learn more about this marginalized (and stigmatised) group, thus they made this film. The film heavily benefits from the producers' curiosity, the film is only partially activist, more an empathic study of people living on the edge of society. I myself did not know a lot about trans women, however, I could quite easily resonate with the protagonists' feelings and experiences. Basically, it is about love and hate and friendship, about trying to find out who you are and how to find your place in life.

Reviewed by Xstal7 / 10

A Flower Curtailed...

Anyone who consumes film to be informed, educated, inspired, as well as to be entertained; who has an empathetic heart, a love of people (however they identify),a faith in fairness, of justice and of equality can't fail to be affected by the story and performances presented here. It has its faults and shortcomings, its not the best film you'll see this year, occasionally the grass ceases to grow - but none of that is due to the orientation of any of the characters, who bravely bring to your attention the challenges they face, just for being themselves, just for living their lives and for just wanting to be accepted for who they truly are and want to be.

Reviewed by ks-605005 / 10

Inside more important

Few transgender movie theme be frank, comparing to gay, I believe the T really much smaller market. Probably it's one of few, things happening are kinda expected. Haven't said that, it is good movie. Let us know how these people live and discrimination is hard to eliminate. People judge by appearance and it's hard to remove the fact of it. It's reality but this movie did remind me an important point. We only live once.

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