The Game Changers


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Reviewed by Top_Dawg_Critic5 / 10

Good watch, but...

...did you know:

Criticisms The documentary came under heavy criticism not only from sports, science and nutrition sectors, but also from other defenders of plant-based diets. Critics pointed out factual inaccuracies on the information presented, a misleading usage of data taken out of context, and flawed arguments against both meat and dairy in favor of pro-vegan interests. They also attacked the documentary's claims that "meat and dairy industry secretly fund all the studies that demonstrate any benefits to animal products," not only labeling this as a factually incorrect conspiracy theory, but also comparing that, conversely, all the experts and medical professionals partaking in the documentary were also sellers of vegan products (also including the film's executive producer, James Cameron, an outspoken vegan who founded plant protein company Verdient Foods).

Addressing the conclusions presented in Game Changers and general tone of the documentary, nutritionist Layne Norton stated, "the film used strawman, false dichotomies, cherry picking, and a whole host of other logical fallacies in an attempt to demonize animals products and make vegan diet the solution to the world's problems." Men's Health editor Paul Kita would also expand on Wilks's purported intention to present objective facts, commenting that the documentary "presents only one side of the facts, often via controversial sources, grand extrapolations from small studies, and statements that are flat-out misleading." Sports nutrition expert Asker Jeukendrup was quoted as, "Game Changers ticks almost all the boxes of pseudoscience, and none of the boxes of science," an opinion echoed by other reviewers.

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

First steps

If you have celebrities but also manly man like Arnold Schwarzenegger in this documentary, it does give you pause and you might be able to think about the way you consume food. I'm not saying I will go vegan after this, but I do believe it sets some interesting goal posts and tells us an engaging story. Not sure if all data is to be believed, but the power of the mind might be able to work wonders too with anyone.

It's an importand and good documentary. Even if you don't agree with it, you have to admit (or should be able to),that this is nicely structured, well researched and overall entertaining

Reviewed by Amyth476 / 10

Healthy Propaganda.

My Rating : 6/10

Being natural and eating plant-based foods is the safest choice as far as health is concerned - 'The Game Changers' goes on an adventure to prove just that - going vegan is fairly attributed to increased energy for humans compared to eating meat and dairy food and perhaps better in the long run.

The documentary certainly comes off as very propaganda driven as it's produced by James Cameron who is in the business of plant-based protein products and hence everything which is not meat-free and dairy-free is deemed toxic.

My suggestion to the viewer is to not take the message too seriously - the key is too eat your vegetables and everything else as far as it's in moderation.

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