The Forgotten


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix1007 / 10

Lost in Brooklyn

"The Forgotten" is a film that has provoked quite a number of comments to this forum. Never saw it in its commercial run, but we caught it on cable a few nights ago. The film, as directed by Joseph Ruben, and based on Gerard Di Pego's screen treatment has the feeling of a long Sci-Fi channel offering, or maybe an extended "X Files" episode.

The exposition and prologue to the story are excellent. We watch as a disconsolate mother, Telly Paretta, deals with the possible death of her son Sam, who she last saw boarding a flight, in the company of other children on his way to camp. There are indications that an accident occurred, judging by newspapers clippings Telly has in her hands. She has kept Sam's room as it was when he was alive.

Terry, on the other hand is being told by her psychiatrist that she is delusional. Sam never existed; Sam is a product of her imagination. Yet, Telly never lets go. She continues her search for the young son, but suddenly she is being persecuted by secret service men who want to put a stop to whatever she claims. Telly pays a visit to Ash, who is a father whose daughter was also in the ill fated flight, but she finds a drunk man, slowly killing himself with alcohol. Telly discovers a wall in his apartment that has been wall papered over, but it's clear the daughter painted the walls underneath the paper at one time.

Thus begins the quest in which Telly and Ash embark in their search for the truth. Little do they know what they have gotten into. The director takes us on a ride, that at times, makes a lot of sense, but then, we start questioning what we are seeing. The film is by no means a bad one, it's just the resolution that seems not to make much sense at all, unless we buy the twists and turns that Mr. Di Pego has concocted for us.

Joanne Moore makes an interesting choice for Telly. Ms. Moore, one of our best actress working in films today, is a beautiful presence that makes a credible woman that will not stop until she finds out what happened to her young son. Dominic West, as Ash, is also up to task. Both actors do great work together. The solid supporting cast is also interesting, Gary Sinise, Alfre Woodard, Anthony Edwards and the excellent Linus Roache, who alas, doesn't have anything to do in the film, with the exception of appearing out of nowhere, every now and then.

This is a film for Sci-Fi fans. They certainly will find more in it than the average viewer. The direction by Mr. Ruben is inspired and the different Brooklyn and New York area locations make a good background to the story. James Horner's music score is eerie and compliments the film, as well as the cinematography by Anastas Michos.

Reviewed by UniqueParticle8 / 10

Under appreciated bizarre fun

Yeah sure I'll be in the minority a lot of people bash The Forgotten not me it's the perfect amount of weird! The kind of movie that makes me wanna say wtf in a good way; definitely some X-Files Esq. Julianne Moore did an extraordinary performance! Oh man the alternate ending is effed up the way it should've been.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10


Telly Paretta (Julianne Moore) lost her son Sam 14 months ago. She's not getting along with her husband Jim (Anthony Edwards). Therapist Dr. Jack Munce (Gary Sinise) is treating her. Ash Correll (Dominic West) lost his daughter Lauren on the same flight. Then evidence of Sam's existence disappear. Jim and Dr. Munce claim that she had a miscarriage and never had a son. She goes to Ash and convinces him to remember his daughter. Mysterious NSA agents are after them. NYPD Det. Anne Pope (Alfre Woodard) investigates the mysterious non-disappearances.

This is an intriguing premise. It starts as a psychological thriller. It turns into a sci-fi thriller. Julianne Moore keeps this very compelling. However, the movie never figures out how to explain the reasons for the disappearances. It is perfectly happy to have a lot of questions but they don't get answered. There is something more to do at the end of this movie and it leaves the audience hanging.

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