The Forgiven


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Eric Bana as Piet Blomfeld
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Reviewed by ksf-27 / 10

good (fictional) account of actual events

Period piece, 1960s, just after apartheid. Forest whitake is desmond tutu, archibishop of capetown. To advance peace and forgiveness, many criminals took part in the comission of reconciliation, which offered lesser sentences or amnesty to those who confessed their crimes. When an agent for the security forces (eric bana) wants forgiveness for his harsh crimes, tutu, as head of the commission, agrees to meet with him. Good things happen, bad things happen. While a fictional story, it's quite good. Lots of debate and discussion of ethics. Some violence. Long film! Directed by roland joffe. Nominated for mission and killing fields. Story based on the play by michael ashton.

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

The thought does count ... yes?

It is tough - what goes on in certain regions of the world. The movie boasts Eric Bana and Forest Whittaker - both amazing actors in their own rights. But the subject matter is the one that counts. And it is one that if you are a decent human being will really make you angry ... to say the least.

There are many things in this that will appall you ... that will infuriate you. There is some relief along the way if you can call it that, but mostly this is heavy stuff. There is no right way to go about certain things ... or no right way for all. Because while revenge or forgiveness are the two main things you can choose from ... how can you tell someone who lost so much ... who has dealt in so much pain, what to do? And it is not like there is just good and bad ... I mean there is in some situations, but the overall it is quite complex ... as is the movie. Which is why it might not touch a nerve with you ... or touch all of them at once.

Reviewed by fmwongmd8 / 10


A film about sin and redemption. Well acted and directed with noteworthy performance by Thani can't go wrong.

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