The Forbidden Dance


Action / Drama / Music / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright77%
IMDb Rating3.8101782


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Kenny Johnson as Dave
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Laura Harring as Nisa
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Sid Haig as Joa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merklekranz6 / 10

My friend the Witch Doctor ........

This movie has everything. First, any film that was written on the fly, is going to be a must see. "Lambada the Forbidden Dance" certainly lives up to the lowest of expectations. The dialog is priceless, with little thought about how hilarious are the words being uttered in stone seriousness. You get Sid Haig as a roaring, yes a lion type roaring Witch Doctor with magical powers, and the always intriguing Richard Lynch as no surprise, one of the bad guys. Acting by anyone not named Haig or Lynch is to be kind, less than zero. This is all part of the fun however, and is to be expected in a film that obviously does not aspire to be "Oscar" material. I say give this one a try, especially if you like a comedy that accidentally surfaces from the depths of the exploitation basement. - MERK

Reviewed by spiritof675 / 10

A Period Piece..Not Always In A Good Way

OK, there was this dance craze (the Lambada) and somebody had to get a movie into the theater with a Lambada theme. Got that? Well, there was a competition, and of the two movies, this one got there firstest with the leastest.


Pluses: Laura Herring is luminously beautiful and can Lambada like nobody's business..

There are appearances from action/adventure bad guys like Richard Lynch and Sid Haig, though not with great effect.

Kid Creole and The Coconuts appear, and Cory Daye appear and perform the song's signature song, better than the "hit" version.

Minuses: Virtually everything else in the movie. But if you want to bookend movies like "You Can't Stop The Music" or Breakin' 2 - Electric Boogaloo", this is a good movie for that. OK, it's also a style guide for 1980's clothing. take it for that.

Reviewed by ColeSear1 / 10

A successful attempt to ruin a foreign culture in the US

Brazil was finally allowed to break onto the scene in the US for the first time since the 40s and along comes this piece of propaganda to ruin it every thing about Brazil in this movie is inaccurate if you want to watch something about Brazil watch Central Station (Central Do Brasil) this was without a doubt one of the worst movies ever don't waste your time

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