The Final Conflict


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Sam Neill as Damien Thorn
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Jeremy Bulloch as News reporter
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Don Gordon as Harvey Dean
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AlsExGal5 / 10

I wasn't expecting this to be great, but I was hoping it would be more fun

Firstly, it has a seemingly fool-proof concept: the Antichrist, now a successful corporate CEO, is appointed U.S. Ambassador to England, AND president of the UN youth council. It practically writes itself. But, no, social commentary isn't brought into it; he doesn't kill his way into the U.S. Presidency, and the country is never thrown into a third world war. And to think I believed in him! You think this might also present a good chance for some overacting- but, once again, only missed opportunities. It was quite talky; Damien plays it cool, and Sam Neill's performance mostly involved making sinister expressions (at which he's a natural, granted,) and, frankly, the big lines he delivers come out kind of funny-sounding when modulated through his fake American accent (he has one of these in Jurassic Park, too, but at least that role didn't call for any serious acting.) I blame the director more than my man Sam, but I've seen some pretty terrible movies salvaged by one good performance.

Why, this film even let down my bloodlusting side. It opens with a nice, gruesome death, but subsequent killings are either too silly to even guffaw at, or just plain uninspired- especially the climax.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Grown Up Devil

Or Damien - however you want to refer to him. Sam Neill in the title and main role sounds fantastic. And he really does a great job. The very first death scene also is quite vivid and really brutal as they come. I also give the movie credit for not shying away from doing something horrible. Something that mainstream movies do stray away from - it doesn't vividly show those deaths, making a compilation of them, but the fact that it goes through with it ... and again this is a movie, I do not condone that behaviour nor do my morals "like" this ... so always think in the context of a movie and no holds barred - anything goes.

Having said all that, the movie has some romance (new addition to the Damien saga I'd say),which is nice in a way. But overall there are many strands that are left in the dark - no pun intended. There is also the case of the end, that might or might not work for you. It kind of deflates and is underwhelming in my humble opinion.

So while this isn't a bad movie at all (watch the next one for that),it really is not that good at all.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca5 / 10

Fitting conclusion to the trilogy, aside from the rubbish ending

The last and least of the OMEN trilogy. What this film offers is a fairly complex and widespread plot that draws in biblical allusions, Damien and his legion of followers, a female journalist and her son who get drawn into the battle, a squad of vigilante monks who act as assassins, plus the widespread murder of babies. If that's not an impressive selection, then go find another movie.

There's a kind of 'epic' feel to this movie, which recreates Armageddon and relocates it to the UK. As so many diverse characters are involved and the film goes on for a fair length, it certainly feels like an epic and more than your average horror film. While the characters may not be more than pawns in the game, the cast is a great one, with all actors and actresses doing their bit. Sam Neill is excellently cast as Damien, and brings just the right air of evil about him in the role. Rossano Brazzi, who plays the chief monk out to get him, is also fine, although sadly his character doesn't figure in the (disappointing) finale. Don Gordon is good as Damien's misguided follower, while Lisa Harrow brings life to her clichéd role as a female journalist, who isn't just out for herself like journalists are in most films.

This is a film with a nasty edge to it as well, more so than both previous films. Here, we see Damien rape his lover, we see multiple murders of young babies - a long-held taboo - and lots of grisly violence and gore. I don't understand those who say this isn't a gory film, as the version I saw certainly is. It may not be very bloody but the death scenes are really nasty, leaving your imagination to do the work. We see a shotgun suicide, people getting repeatedly stabbed, a man getting an iron in his face (that's gotta hurt...),another falling to his death, a priest gets torn apart by dogs, and in the film's spectacular "highlight", a priest's assassination attempt goes disastrously wrong, leaving him hanging from a rope, covered in a plastic sheet and burning alive.

There are two main flaws with this film, as far as I can see. The first is the running time - it seems to go on forever. The second is the terribly disappointing ending, which feels rushed and is up there with TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER in terms of anti-climatic moments. Hardly a fitting ending to the trilogy, which has basically been just one big build up to this confrontation. It's over within five minutes, and leaves you feeling cheated. Aside from this major flaw, OMEN III: THE FINAL CONFLICT isn't bad at all.

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