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Jûzô Itami as Mr. Numata, the father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by planktonrules6 / 10

It's got several wonderful moments...and a lot of flat ones....

I can see by the other reviews that I am in the distinct minority on this one. Despite their really liking it, much of the film didn't seem to work for me and despite a few very nice scenes, the overall picture left me flat and a bit confused. Had the film been more of an outright comedy, I think it would have worked better for me. Instead, parts were comedic, parts were a bit dull and much of it was just inexplicable.

The film is the story of a slacker who is in 9th grade and soon to take his high school exams. While we don't have these in the States, I know that in many countries this is a HUGE event--and Japanese families put a lot of pressure on their kids to get into the best schools. Despite this pressure, the kid chooses not to even try and is one of the worst kids in his class....and previous tutors were unable to get him to budge. This new one is odd...very odd. In fact, much of the time he seems to act for practically no reason and in ways you'd never expect. However, when the boy's father offers him a bonus for each ranking the kid improves, that's enough to get the odd tutor to act---occasionally slapping or threatening the boy to get results. Then, as if my magic, the boy improves (though how and this whole process seemed to come from no where) and instead of everything being wonderful, you see through the course of this film that the family is really screwed up--distant, dysfunctional and bland. So, again out the the blue, the tutor beats the snot out of all of them and leaves. Then, the mom and two sons are shown becoming sleepy and taking a nap...and so the film ends.

As I said, the film has some wonderful moments--but too much of the stuff in between looks like outtakes or scenes that should have been deleted. I just kept hoping the film would get really weird or profound...but nothing. Perhaps I was hoping for the film to be like "Tampopo" or "Happiness of the Katakuris", all I know is that it left me very flat.

By the way, although I did not adore the film, one thing sure struck me. The kids in the classroom were horrible--badly behaved, obnoxious and jerks. I assume this was meant as parody, as Jpaanese kids have fantastic reputations for studying and working hard...and NOT being total jerks. These kids were much, much worse behaved than any of the high and middle school kids I ever taught--and American kids are famous for being ill-behaved slackers. I'd love to hear more from someone who can tell me if Japanese kids ever actually behave like this.

Reviewed by whatdoes1know7 / 10

full of ideas, and very dreamlike... slapping you out of nowhere now and then.

It was fun to watch the creativity put in this movie, and the tensions between the characters build up. The tutor, as imprevisible as the weather, is a major source of fun--especially in the typically anally retentive Japanese family context. I really liked how they craftily managed to plant a pretty obscene line in an argument over breakfast--it's a pun, so ask your neighborhood translator to watch the argument scene with you. The provision of laughter is disconcertingly random, so you either like it or not. I gave this a seven.

Reviewed by onodoken10 / 10

Interesting! Playful! One of my TOP 5 Japanese Movies!

This little film deals with, basically, a young, male Japanese teen who has seemed to just quit attempting to do well in school for one reason or another. I know what your thinking, "That's it." This movie actually deals with the relationship the young teen and his "tutor" have. Now, if you do not know anything about the Japanese society, I would suggest reading up on it a bit, especially dealing with the school system. But for those of you who do not have the time, it basically comes down to this . . . .males MUST do well in junior high, in order to get into a good high school, which in turn is the hardest type of schooling on the face of the earth. If they are lucky to finish and not collapse under the pressure, they eventually go on to college which is the easiest stretch of time they will ever encounter. But this is not all, there a lot of suttle points to admire here, but there are just too many to mention. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a light, but witty comedy. Also watch, "Tampopo", "A Taxing Woman", "Minbo no onna", "Hana-bi", "Kids Return", and "Adrenaline Drive." You will not be disappointed!

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