The Fabulous Dorseys


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AlsExGal5 / 10

Lousy biopic barely saved by the music

The movie tells the story of musician and bandleader brothers Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey (played by themselves),from their upbringing in Pennsylvania coal country to modest musical beginnings in small venues, to eventual radio success. Their fiery temperaments cause them to clash with each other often, eventually leading to a split and them each forming their own orchestras, after which they find even more success. Also starring Janet Blair as a childhood friend, singer, and peacemaker between the brothers, and William Lundigan as a composer and piano player for the band, as well as love interest for Blair.

Tommy the trombone player and Jimmy the saxophone player are excellent musicians but horrible actors. Thus the script focuses more often on the fictional characters played by Blair and Lundigan, neither of whom are much more compelling than the Dorseys. The viewer also begins to notice that not much of dramatic interest happens in the Dorseys lives other than them bickering like brothers do, so the only saving grace is the music, much of it performed by singers and musicians of the day playing themselves in cameos. I'm not familiar with many of them, but the music they perform is fine, and I'm sure will be appreciated by fans of the style.

Reviewed by grafspee7 / 10

Forget the sibling rivalry and concentrate on the music which is the making of this great movie.

Tommy and Jimmy were never actors, nor close brotherly musicians for that matter. Fightin' and Feudin' were their credentials in real life, breaking up their joint band in 1935 over an argument on stage about the tempo of a tune, "I'll Never Say Never Again". Hot of trombone, hot of temper the domineering,take charge Tommy walked off and formed his own Band. Jimmy, the older of the two, who adopted the role in their joint band as the lay back clarinet and alto saxophonist was left with the original orchestra.

Both brothers vowed never to play with one another again and the rift lasted twelve years, till the death of their father, where they made it up in consolation to their grieving mother.

This movie is a relatively good portrayal of their respective lives, featuring their doting parents, who tried to reconcile their indifference's but to no avail.

The real substance of this movie however, is the superb music not only of the Dorsey Brothers, whose individual careers flourished anyway regardless of the breakup, but the contribution of many other original performers such as Bandleader Paul Whiteman, and solo instrumental performances by Charlie Barnet, Art Tatum, Henry Busse, Ziggy Elman and Ray Bauduc. Great vocals by Bob Eberly and Helen O'Connell singing "Green Eyes" who were actual performers in Jimmy's band but the real stunner is a very lovely, talented Janet Blair with a heavenly voice, effortless phrasing and natural style giving superb renditions in Tommy's band of "Marie",and "The Object of My Affection",and separately with a trio featuring William Lundigan as the pianist, plus Bass and Guitar of an unforgettable number, "To Me", in which she shines magnificently.

Tommy died on November 26 1956 followed by Jimmy 7 months later.

Despite everything about their eruptive and stormy past they both left a legacy of great music which is still played by swing band enthusiasts like myself to this day.

Relax, watch the movie, and enjoy the music.

Reviewed by medrjel5 / 10

Great Music, True story, Real People, no acting....

Note: contains real life facts that can be construed as ***SPOILERS*** for those unfamiliar with this era.

If you love the swing era music, you will enjoy this movie. It's full of it. If you want to know what went on in the lives of the musicians, this movie has it. In fact, the musicians are the actors as well!

That's the major fault in this movie. Tommy and Jimmy are great performers, but are not actors. Though, some of the bitterness is very real. Tommy "Lightning Slide" Dorsey and Jimmy "Slow Burn" Dorsey did have a parting of the ways. This movie, really in tribute to their father, was filmed shortly after they reunited from their musical split. Still, even after that time they continued solo careers (Tommy faring a bit better than his brother Jimmy in that respect).

At the same time, the fact that the people are real is this movie's greatest strength. They can be a bit stiff with the acting part, but you know what they say is true to their hearts... Heck it was their lives.

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