The Endless Trench

2019 [SPANISH]

Action / Adventure / Drama / History / Thriller / War

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Belén Cuesta as Rosa
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Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Claustrophobic and overlong movie with strong performances from Antonio de la Torre and Belén Cuesta

This La Trinchera Infinita or The Endless Trench 2019 is a story based on true events and it was very well directed . The yarn takes place in a small and remote little town of Andalusia (southern Spain),during and post-Spanish Civil War , between the years of 1939 and 1969 . The country taken by uprising and by Republican and communist forces . Francisco Franco is in power, after his coup d'état in 1936, which resulted in the civil war between the Nationalists (supported by the right and the church) and the republicans (who were supported by socialists and communists). Stars Higinio (Antonio de la Torre) , he is a tailor and a town councilor who has recently got married to Rosa (Belén Cuesta) . After the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Higinio hides in his own house , chased by communist militia and awaiting the right moment to escape with his wife . But he is trapped in his attempt by his neighbor , Gonzalo , who blames Higinio for his brother's death and is looking for vengeance . Captured by Franco's soldiers , Higinio is driven by truck, along with other opposition prisoners and waiting for being condemned to death row . But an unwitting distraction from one of the prisoners gives him a chance to getaway . He runs across the town to his house where he is to remain hidden in a secret hole . In the meantime , Gonzalo pays Higinio's wife occasional visits in the belief that she knows his whereabouts . When the civil war comes to an end in 1939 , evaded Higinio learns from Rosa that there is a reward for capturing him as well as other insurgents, as Higinio spends an endless incarceration in his own home. .....

Depressing and downbeat film with magnificent performances , specially by Antonio de la Torre and Belén Cuesta . Dramatic picture about the consequences of Spanish civil war , being realized with academicism and general coldness . ¨La Trinchera Infinita¨ results to be other of the innumerable stories to deal with dramatic deeds regarding the Civil War background . A familiar theme about the global horrors of a fratricide war , impossible to forget to Spanish cinema . Resulting a be a correct film about love , sacrifice , ideal , fight , cowardice and personal tragedies as parts from national drama . The message transmitted in the movie is very powerful , as its purpose is to highlight the deep love between the distressed couple by facing dangers and misfortunes during these war and post-war times . And only sin of film is the common style , after many movies about Civil War traces, it remains one for them . Touching moments from the two principals , Antonio de la Torre and Belén Cuesta, playing a deranged marriage who learn painfully about their closed relation , dignity and courage , as well as ccasional flashes of bravery and of compassion. Sombre interiors and little exteriors convey the gloom that prevails, intensified by a sparse soundtrack by composer Pacal Gaigne , being adapted from a story by Luiso Berdejo and Jose Mari Goenaga , supposedly based on actual events and following other flicks in similar tendency , as ¨The voice asleep¨ by Benito Zambrano and ¨"Pa Negre (black bread)" by Agustí Villaronga . The movie evokes more than sadness through Higinio and Rosa's love story ; about a husband marked for a merciless pursuit and a wife determined to all for saving him , their love is strong, and they help themselves to get through a lot of the struggles they face . While trying to save her husband from execution , it causes Rosa's character to change dramatically, from a naïve girl who didn't want any part in politics to an obstinate woman who would do anything to protect those she loves. The music at times exemplifies the strong emotions felt by the audience , but also makes the plot lighter in tone at times . In my opinion, this movie is a must-see for anyone willing to gain an understanding of the sociopolitical climate in Spain during and after the Civil War . Although it is, without a doubt, romanticized at parts and some people may say it's just another movie about the war climate .

The motion picture was well directed by Aitor Arregi, Jon Garaño, Jose Mari Goenaga , but it tourns out to be overlong , dull , boring and tiring , at times . Because the story needs a vibration more real than the one offered in this slow-moving and sometimes heavily shot film with no exteriors . Filmed in the usual formal and stylistic scholarship , without leaving a trace the thought-provoking issues , in terms of dramatic and narrative excitement . Including a spotless pictorial but dark cinematography Javier Agirre (Handia, Aquelarre, Destierros , On the line) and a willingness , almost perfect of the elements of each shot , every sequence, every space, the main problem has to face "The Endless trench", beyond not being able to avoid falling into the politic pamphlet is precisely derived from the coldness of its staging, which eventually become monotonous over two hours and some of long footage . But anyway, its is compensated with the great performances from Antonio de la Torre and Belén Cuesta , interpreters who provided a considerable boost to the result . These filmmakers are great directors of actors and the main players are complemented by a good cast of secondaries forming a powerful human group giving excellent interpretations . In the 2020 Annual Goya Awards , presented by the Academia De las Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas De España (Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences),main national film awards, considered by many in Spain, and internationally, to be the Spanish equivalent of the American Academy Awards , ¨La Trinchera Infinita¨ won deservedly several prizes : Best Lead Actress Belén Cuesta , Goya Best Lead Actor Antonio de la Torre . Best Sound : Alazne Ameztoy , Xanti Salvador , Nacho Royo-Villanova Iñaki Díez , Best New Actor : Vicente Vergara , Best Director : Aitor Arregi , Jon Garaño , Jose Mari Goenaga , Best Original Score (Mejor Música Original : Pascal Gaigne , Best Cinematography : Javier Agirre , b est Original Screenplay : Jose Mari Goenaga , Luiso Berdejo , Best Production Manager : Ander Sistiaga . Be prepared for an emotional experience and an amazing story.

Reviewed by bshaef1 / 10

Pleasse Netflix, Quit

Torturing you viewers with black screens and whispers. I had no idea what was going on and kept waiting for something to happen but after fifteen minutes of an almost totally black screens, I gave up and moved over to Prime to see if they had anything better which they did. I don't understand why filmmakers believe that people are willing to stare at black screens for long stretches. I think its a copout by the director and cinematographer saying they don't know how to make a watchable movie.

Reviewed by DennisBergkamp108 / 10

Depressing yet brilliant.

Unfortunately we have reached a stage in our evolution chart where there will be fewer and fewer takers for such movies with substance and soon there will be none. The only movies being made and watched will be nonsense like the Avengers and movies based on video games. A lot many dimwits have rated this movie poorly because they were expecting Thor to show up at some stage and they are sad that he did not.

La trinchera infinita is an absolute gem of a movie. I would go so far as to say that this is the best movie I have watched this year so far. The movie spans over 4 decades.The protagonist in the movie sides with the rebels against the fascist forces of General Franco. When Franco wins, the protagonist Hinginio is forced to go into hiding inside his own home and he has to stay hidden for a very very long time. The movie is based on true events and it is estimated that lots of people,declared enemies of the state during Franco's reign spend decades in hiding and some hid in carefully constructed hideouts within their own homes. At 21/2 hours it's long by Hollywood movie standards but there would have been no possible way to depict a man spending over 3 decades in hiding in 90 mins. Almost the entire communication is in whispers lest the neighbors hear them.

The physical transformation of Hinginio over 4 decades is phenomenal. The actors who play Hinginio and his wife Rosa are magnificent. It's distressing to even think that there were people who lived for decades in hiding in sub-human conditions. Absolutely brilliant movie. Truth be told I think it's a far superior movie to Parasite. I watched 5 Spanish movies in quick succession and while they were alright they were not spectacular. I guess I left the best for last.Definitely worth watching.

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