The Dunes


Action / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by neil-896112 / 10


Ridiculous acting that is tedious and painful to watch. Unbelievable situations (especially the attending police) make this another cringeworthy film that Australia seems to be producing lately.

Reviewed by DarcyBennett3 / 10

Terrrible Acting

The story is ok, the scenery is nice, but the acting is wooden and completely unbelievable.

As much as I love to support Australian cinema, this movie is a 3 at best.

Don't believe the high scores, clearly made by people connected to the movie.

Reviewed by housearrestedever1 / 10

Don't be fooled by those fake praises

This movie, like most of the productions out of Australia, is so hard to watch with interest and patience. So many plot holes with poor acting. The screenplay was purposefully manipulated with twists by writer/director Martin Copping. Sadly, he didn't even quite understand how to make the detective character convincingly believable. If you take look at all of the from 7/10, 9/10. 10/10 high ratings, you'll find they are almost the same, even the titles and the words used are almost the same. Obviously, all the people who involved in this production or the people related to these reviewers, are trying so hard but shamelessly to promote this poorly scripted, directed, cast, and acted lame duck out of Australia.

Don't be fooled like me, don't waste your time.

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