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Reviewed by begob5 / 10

Q&A dialogue

Fairly clean cut horror arising from a surreal situation.

The makers don't explain the source of evil, so it remains a mystery. Which is OK, except the evil doesn't have a clear method either. Instead we end up with crazy slash and stab.

Also there's the unavoidable "I'll just wander off on my own" tendency. It's nicely wrapped up though and not a waste of time.

Big problem is the dialogue - 1001 questions: Did you hear that? Did you see that? What do you mean? Where are we? Are you for real? What's going on? In the middle there are a few unconvincing exchanges where information is repeated within seconds. Very hard for actors to deal with that.

Reviewed by jhr20121 / 10


OMG this is a jumbled, boring mess. I found myself falling asleep with about 30 minutes left. I have no idea how it ends and don't care; that's how bad this is.

Reviewed by iamtherobotman1 / 10

What have i just watched?

I'll give this a 0 Out of 10. OK, so he "saves" a rich business man from a brutal mugging and is given an apparently large cash reward while telling his sob story of being paid off a few months ago and this is the only reason he's accepting the cash. He's then offered a good paying easy job and all he has to do is go to the address written on a banknote at 8pm that night and the job is his. He promptly arrives( it's his girlfriends Birthday and it seems he's not seen her all day) while on the phone to his Girl and telling her how sorry he is he can't be at her party. Upon entry to the building he's met by a Security Guard and handed a Uniform and instructions as to the job description which seems pretty simple - sit on that chair and watch that door. Make sure it doesn't open. Some time in and a car pulls up followed by a knock at the door which he promptly answers to be met by two burly Security Guards with a delivery. After confirming with his boss over the phone that it's OK to let them in, he's given instruction on how to open the "Door" - let them in, close the door behind them to allow an inner door to be opened. If they don't knock three times within a minute, never open the door again. 58 seconds later the three knocks come and out comes two Security Guards, bloodies, battered and bruised with their Uniforms in need of repair. Freaking out as many would, he's back on the phone to the boss insisting he can't continue but is assured cover will be arranged for him but it may take a bit of time. FIVE minutes later, he receives a call on his mobile from his Girlfriend, guess what? She's outside with a load of their friends ready to bring the party to him. You may think this would be a good time to tell her that he'll be leaving soon(ish) as cover is being arranged so he'll be able to join them at the party shortly. Our hero has other ideas though. he lets them inside!! Not only that but it appears the first actions of one of our unexpected guests is to approach the door and try to open it, does our hero tell her not to? No, that would be too sensible on your first night of a new job which pays $500 a night. Soon after a couple of them go outside and while making out hear a voice coming from a vent in the building, this leads to everyone leaving the building to listen for this voice which, surprise surprise doesn't materialise. It's at this point they realise one of the friends isn't with them outside, so she must be inside... Low and behold, she's vanished and oh no, so has the key for the door. How long has she been in there? Oh, can't be more than 2 or 3 minutes( remember the instruction from the boss?? ONE minute and NEVER open the door again!) This doesn't matter, we'll ALL go inside, so they duly unlock the door ( even though it had just been unlocked and no one had locked it again) and file inside. they split up into teams and our hero who has been told (but seems to have amnesia) about the ONE minute rule decides they can search the warehouse for TEN minutes before returning to the exit and getting on with their lives. Do they call out the name of our missing friend? No!!, they decide it would be much more fun to wander round slowly with torches chatting about the weather, taking in the sights and sounds of the warehouse. Even when strange events occur, they don't seem overly hurried or panicked or stressed, they keep up their meander even stopping for minutes at a time to converse about the weird and strange things they're hearing and seeing in this eternal blackness. One girl who was brought up in an Army family and moved around so often she was the new kid in school 12 times is particularly annoying, even when finding a body of a Man, rather than getting the hell outta there, she decides to perform her own autopsy on him, coming to the conclusion he committed suicide, but what "down there" would make you commit suicide? she ponders calmly. So much is wrong with this Film and so little right that i honestly do wonder how modern Films get clearance to be made. the script was written by a Pre Schooler, clearly. The concept was designed by someone with an IQ of 80. The acting was unbelievably bad on so many levels. This is just a Turkey of a Film. Avoid at all costs. Take that key and melt it down. Never open the Door, never allow anyone to open the Door. There is no Door. In other words, don't ever watch this.

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