The Devil by the Tail

1969 [FRENCH]


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Reviewed by hermanfo10 / 10

One of the best French humorous movies

one of the most "charming" French films ever made - very well playd by all the actors, like Yves Montand or Martha Keller ( in her first french film ) Never boring - a good musical score with some "classical" piano music, and the filmmusic made by Delerue. The movy isn't outdaded, even if it dates from 1969 - only the very short skirt ( and I do mean SHORT !) dates the picture in the ends of the '60ies. Yves Montand plays a gangster who is stranded in the mounains of France, in a small almost broke hotel. With the help of the daughters lover ( "amant") who sabotages some cars, more guests will arrive at the hotel, and at the end, Yves Montand with the money of a bank robbery, will restore the hotel and working as the cook.

Reviewed by mark.waltz8 / 10

A family of flirts run a wonderful hotel.

Three generations of beautiful women join forces to turn their impoverished fortune around by turning their gorgeous estate into a bed and breakfast, and they attract the most eclectic of guests. If it isn't a feuding couple on a date arguing over the weather, it's a family of a bunch of young children running around with the parents disagreeing about everything, obvious criminal types and a bank robber with a briefcase full of cash that the police are after. Madeleine Renaud is the still gorgeous matriarch, white haired yet smooth skinned, dressed to the nines and charming everybody she encounters. Daughter Maria Schell is trying to hang onto her glamour girl image, and son Jean Rochefort runs around in desperation trying to fulfill all of his mother's orders. There's also a piano playing cousin, Clotilde Joano, cool according to her and isn't much good for anything.

Then there's the baron played by Yves Montand who sings to be based on John Barrymore's character from "Grand Hotel", or as his character was described, "nothing more pathetic than an nobleman without money", although his briefcase indicates something quite different even if it isn't his. There's lots of witty dialogue, some terrific chase sequences, a great use of music and costumes of the 60s that are very pastel and delightful to look at, pure camp. I'm not much of a connoisseur of foreign language films, but found this one very easy to enjoy with its light-hearted atmosphere, glamorous setting and a delightful mix of a variety of personalities. It's definitely a feast for the eye even for those who struggle with subtitles and don't know French.

Reviewed by blanche-28 / 10

a robber hides out with a family

"Devil by the Tail" is a 1969 French film directed by Phillipe de Broca, starring Yves Montand, Madeleine Renaud, Maria Schell, and Marthe Keller.

A family that has fallen on hard times runs a hotel which has one permanent weekend guest and little else in between. In the opening scene, coffee cups are being placed strategically in the attic to catch water leakage during the rain.

The family consists of an elegant older woman, la marquise (Renaud),her flirtatious married daughter (Schell),la comtesse Diane, her husband, le comte George ( Jean Rochefort) and their beautiful, leggy daughter le jeune baronne Amelie (Keller). Amelie has a some time boyfriend, Charles, who works at a local garage, who occasionally gets the hotel guests by disabling their cars when they stop for gas.

When Charles disables the car of a group of gangsters who have just stolen 100,000 francs, the three reluctantly check in at the hotel and put the money in the wall safe. The head man, Cesar (Yves Montand) charms the women. After a visit from the police, the family realizes who their guests are -- in one hilarious scene, unaware that Cesar has left with the money, they try to break into the safe from the back. The three men leave, but two are killed when their car gets into an accident and goes into the water. Cesar makes his way back to the hotel to hide out.

Absolutely delightful film that could be made today. It's not dated at all and manages to be sexy, warm, and funny all at the same time. Marthe Keller is so fresh and young, and her long, gorgeous legs are shown throughout the film. Maria Schell is unabashedly playful and romantic, though she loves her husband. Renaud, a stunning older woman, is no-nonsense and practical throughout. And the star, Montand, is the essence of French smoothness and charm as he captivates the family.

Highly recommended, with wonderful direction, acting, music, and scenery. It will leave you with a smile on your face!

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