The Devil and Father Amorth


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marktyoung1 / 10

Disgusting and exploitative

Frankly this is trash. The "possessed" people clearly have mental health issues and/or epileptic seizures. Early on, we hear from a woman who was exorcised 4 times. Not only is her brother the lead interviewee, the formerly "possessed" woman is introduced as HIS sister. Like he is the 'lead act'. It's bizarrely misogynistic. The description given by both of them of her symptoms sound like seizures, although they exaggerate the symptoms at first: "slithering" on the floor shifts to "crawling" on the floor, until finally he sounds honest and says she was "writhing on the floor" (i.e. Seizing).

Then we are introduced to another woman. Who will be live filmed during her 9th exorcism. Yes, 9th. Worryingly, in her interview she wouldn't say if she has ever seen as psychiatrist as she has a "spiritual disease" and they can mimic physical ones. Sounds like brainwashing a vulnerable person to me. This is where this already bizarre "documentary" becomes openly manipulative. Her voice was digitally manipulated during the live exorcism. It's pretty obvious when you watch it, and subsequent investigation by journalists releasing the non-manipulated voice shows just how cheap and exploitative this "documentary" is.

William Friedkin comes across as credulous, swallowing any possession story given to him. But then, why did he have to manipulate the voice of the "possessed" woman in post-production? To give his audience what they expect it?

What makes this film so sick and exploitative is how clear it is that these women need medical and/or psychological help. They are being openly used, and told they have "spiritual diseases" that mimic physical ones, leaving them at the mercy of a man who has openly admitted needing to exorcise some people hundreds of times.

Reviewed by itenkroode3 / 10


This documentary looked promising, and although I am not religious myself I like to keep an open mind about these things. So let's put my opinion about religion aside.

I liked that he asked people's opinions and it wasn't just shut down by everyone, it seems everyone had a really open mind and was willing to really think about all the possible causes.

That being said, everything else was a flop. The director interrupts everyone all the time, what is the point in asking someone a question if you're not going to let them answer it?!

Also, they're saying the possessed woman would have an impossible strength but she is easily held down by 2 men (and one of them isnt even trying).

I didn't even finish it..

Reviewed by RosanaBotafogo7 / 10


"People want to stay away from the subject as much as possible. The more you open up to think about these things and you start to feel something about these things, the more space you open up to the supernatural." I imagine that he refers to beneficial souls as to evil spirits, as well as our thoughts tying through the celebratory waves... The documentary, although light, had strong scenes with Cristina suffering the exorcism, I skipped that part, watched it during the day, yeah ...

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