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Reviewed by Hey_Sweden5 / 10

This kills 78 minutes in an agreeable manner.

1980s B movie stud Rick Hill ("Deathstalker") plays Deacon Porter, a Vietnam veteran suffering from nightmares. He goes to the small town of Kings' Ransom to investigate the death of his former C.O., and finds that he will be up against an army of evil marijuana growers. To combat them, he will assemble the members of his old squad: Spencer (Terrence O'Hara, "Naked Vengeance"),Bartlett (Bill McLaughlin, "Silk"),and Ox (Jack S. Daniels, "Wheels of Fire"). The main bad guy is a cocky creep named Carey, played by Crofton Hardester ("Android"),and the leading lady, Audrey (Katt Shea, "Psycho III"),works at the local service station.

"The Devastator" is the kind of undemanding cheesy B you watch if you just want to relax and give your brain a rest. Awash in cliches, it has a very silly script (by Joseph Zucchero) complete with the kind of lines the viewer will doubtless have heard before. (For one thing, the morally compromised Sheriff (Kaz Garas, "Ben") has little patience for anybody he deems to be an outsider.) Director Cirio Santiago here takes a bit of a break from the slew of post-nuke flicks he also made during the 1980s, crafting some very fast-moving nonsense. Its frequent action scenes are not exactly that slick, but they're certain to amuse the audience regardless. In any event, it's hard to completely knock a movie that often exists mainly for the purpose of blowing stuff up. The music is so awful it's downright hilarious; it doesn't sound composed so much as improvised on the spot. The acting is suitable for this genre: Hill is a decent enough hero, and Hardester is a hoot as the kind of unflappable bad guy who sticks a flower in a gun barrel when Shea tries to intimidate him. She's very sexy and enticing, and went on to a solid filmmaking career of her own, directing things like "Dance of the Damned", "Streets", "Poison Ivy", and "The Rage: Carrie 2". Tough guy Daniels' goofy performance is so utterly cheese-ball that it's priceless.

Good fun, provided one is partial to this sort of thing in the first place.

Five out of 10.

Reviewed by kclipper6 / 10

This is 80's "Warsploitation" at its cheesiest

If you are reading this review, then that means you either found "The Devastator" in someone's old VHS collection still in the giant plastic collectible rental box (faded sticker that still says: "Be Kind, Rewind"),or you remember seeing it back in the 80's when action-adventure cheese was in it's prime and you want to reminisce. Either way, this lost action misfire never saw the light of day for all the same reasons that many other low-grade rip-offs of Missing In Action, Rambo First Blood II, and Southern Comfort never did. But there was something peculiarly fun about the stereotypical macho war-buddy mentality that found its way into thousands of video rental shelves in the 1980s.. This one ended up in the grocery store VHS rental section or even the local seven/eleven, and it fits prominently into a category I like to refer to as "Warsploitation". This has every characteristic of the typical 80s cheesy warsploitation flick; The bad acting, forced profanity, macho lame one-liners, guns, explosives, crazed Vietnam vets, drugs, nudity, and starring names like Richard Hill.

The story isn't much to get into. War buddies get together to avenge the death of a fallen comrade, and along the way stop a greedy tyrant that is controlling a small Northern California town by the marijuana farming industry. The bullets and bodies fly (as well as the bad voice overdubs),so fans of mindless violence will be pleased. Don't expect much on the special effects side, since a budget is almost non-existent here, except that which went towards destruction.. Highlights include: The antics of a poorly portrayed maniac named Ox, who burns down the pot field all the while screaming and inhaling the smoke, the hero of the films dramatic climax and all of its ridiculous glory (and toy helicopter explosions). This will be remembered by the few and the proud.

Reviewed by gridoon20153 / 10

Action-packed but mindless and dull

The recently deceased Cirio H. Santiago was a prolific director who usually worked with low budgets and made some enjoyable B-movies. "The Destroyers" AKA "The Devastator", however, is one of his dullest films. Not that it lacks action - in fact quite the opposite: it is almost non-stop action, with the "talking parts" largely shortened or eliminated (example: a girl, who thought the hero was dead, suddenly sees him in the front door of her house; before they exchange a single word, the next scene shows them in bed together!). The action, though, is totally mindless - not just because four men, even with military experience, go up against about a hundred, but because it is never explained how a drug dealer operating in a small town is able to assemble a hundred men and so much hardware. Rich Hill, of "Deathstalker" fame, doesn't show much personality an a lead; the sweet Katt Shea does, but her part is largely thankless. * out of 4.

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