The Deadly Camp

1999 [CN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sdrshadow4 / 10

Almost worth a look.

I was very excited to see the Oriental version of our '80s slasher movies. I won't say I was disappointed but there were some small irritating points. The first was the part where Soldier was fighting with the killer. I have no idea what the song playing was saying, but it sounded like something Madonna would record an English version of. It seemed very out of place. The second point was the incredibly strange surprise ending. I won't give it away here, but if you think about it-that just came from left field. Summing it up, there was hardly any suspense, not too much blood, one small sex scene, and some slightly disturbing scenes(all involving the young retarded son). Not much to recommend but kinda worth it if you miss the slasher films of the '80s. Just don't expect too much and you might have some fun. One last irritating point(a small one). I don't know who they get to do the subtitles on these movies but they are very distracting due to the strange broken english style. Are there not any Americans living there that could be hired to do a better job or is it not worth it. I would be willing to buy more if the subs were done a little better.

Reviewed by plaznihqyllnikaaf7 / 10

Friday the 13th... Hong Kong style!

Entertaining little slasher flick! It's best discribed as a mix of Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Violent Shit 2. As in most slasher movies, the plot is basically non-existant. A group of friends goes to a remote island to party for a few days, and then get slaughtered one by one by a psycho killer and son. Thats it. The dialogue is very cheesy and the acting not that good, but it's quit entertaining anyway. Not that gory though. If you like slasher flicks, then this little Hong Kong movie is worth a look...

Reviewed by fertilecelluloid3 / 10

Inept pile of dung with a couple of disturbing scenes

This Bowie Lau horror flick is a loose remake of Dennis Yu's "The Beasts" with large helpings of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Friday the 13th" thrown into the brew. It's actually an inept pile of dung for most of its running time. The script is all over the place. The acting is terrible. The hand-held stuff is ridiculously over-the-top. A bunch of idiot tourists arrive on an island that is the home of a family of freaks. The father wears a cloth mask and brandishes a chainsaw. His son is a deformed retard with a deviant's interest in women. As you would expect, father and son stalk the tourists and kill some. As you would also expect, the females get sexually molested as well. There are one or two disturbing, uncomfortable scenes, but they are canceled out by the film's brainless, haphazard direction. The second and best half of the movie, which mostly takes place at night, looks like it was shot and directed by a different crew of people; the lighting is much more solid and the direction has greater focus. Still, this is pretty poor film-making. Even for a slasher film, it's relatively light on the gore. And don't look too closely at the chainsaw while it is being revved -- the blades aren't moving.

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