The Days of Noah Part 3: The Valley of Decision



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Reviewed by kcroteau-567151 / 10

Bash on Catholic Church

I just don't understand why this is solely focused on bashing the teachings of the Catholic Church. I am very open minded, but this is just absurd. Believe what you want and let others do the same.

Reviewed by mxmbgmrv1 / 10

Part 3 becomes so anti Catholic I just couldn't continue.

So many lies, twists and fabrications. Where to begin. In 1229 you claim the Catholic church forbade laypeople from reading the bible. Not true as it was only retranslated unauthorized bibles because of the Albigensian heresy in France that was leading people away from God's true word. Remember this was centuries before the King James version, when the Catholic church had the only legitimate bibles. Right after that, you claim that Catholic priests were stepping in in place of God to hear confessions and forgive sins. Hmm, so doing EXACTLY what their predecessors the apostles did at the direction of Jesus. Did you even read that part of the gospels? I could go on, but I'll leave it to the experts at Catholic Answers, to debunk the rest of your "mistakes". I was with you 99% through Parts 1 and 2, (a bit too long),but only 10 minutes into Part 3 I could see the anti Catholic rhetoric coming out. At 17 minutes I couldn't go further and googled some truth. The Catholic church isn't perfect obviously. Why because its made up of sinners. But, Jesus created his church, and said ...the gates of hades would not prevail against it. Oh, and the part before that was where he proclaimed Peter the first Pope. Another important part you missed.

I believe in the one true church that Jesus himself started 2000 years ago and promised would never end, rather than one of the 10000 or so churches started after the reformation 500 years ago by mere men like Martin Luther.

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