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Reviewed by evilskip7 / 10

Grandpappy of the slasher films?

Del Tenney brought us that abysmal dreck Horror Of Party Beach.Curse Of The Living Corpse is the other part of the double feature.Surprisingly it is an above average thriller worth checking out.

Rufus Sinclair suffered from catalepsy.He also suffered from impacted rhoids cause he was a mean old cuss.He abused his entire family.Everyone lived in fear or hatred of the old man.

Anyway old Rufus has seemingly kicked the bucket(died that is).However in his will he had certain stipulations that had to be carried out just in case he was suffering from a catatonic fit.If these conditions weren't met he would return from the grave and kill his family in the ways they feared the most.

Of course the conditions weren't met.A member of the household staff winds up being beheaded and her head is served on a breakfast tray.The eldest Sinclair is dragged to death behind a horse,one is roasted alive in her bed, one is stabbed and another is drowned.Has old Rufus come back from the grave or is it somebody else?You'll be guessing until the end.

There is a lot to like about this film.It is never boring and is well directed (surprise) and the acting for the most part is top notch.I would have liked to seen the comedy relief dragged behind a horse to their deaths.The outdoor scenes are magnificent and the moody black and white photography is top notch.As a bonus there is also an amazing amount of skin in one scene(for 1963).

Roy Scheider is in his first starring role and Candace Hilligoss is fresh from Carnival Of Souls(also highly recommended).

Catch this one if you can.

Reviewed by planktonrules5 / 10

Low production values and very familiar, but somehow still pretty entertaining

The film begins with a funeral for a rich old man. However, soon after the man is locked away in his crypt, family and servants are killed off or maimed and it appears as if the man is very much alive...or is he? Okay, folks,...I KNOW that this isn't a great film nor is it a great work of art. The acting by several of the "actors" is extremely poor and too many of the parts seem almost "cartoony" in their simplicity and one-dimensionality (such as the police man and the lady who gets beheaded). But despite the general cheesiness of the film and the very, very familiar plot (sort of like an "old dark house" style film),the overall effort is still fun and entertaining. Some of this is due to the good special effects but most of it is because even some of the dumb characters (such as the oldest son) are so funny and over-the-top that you can't help but watch.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden7 / 10

The best of Del Tenney's filmography.

The setting is New England in the late 19th century. A hated and feared patriarch, Rufus Sinclair, has supposedly died, and his family lays him to rest. However, the corpse rises from the grave, and proceeds to punish the heirs to the estate. This is done by killing each person in the manner that they fear most: mutilation of ones' face, drowning, fire, etc.

"The Curse of the Living Corpse" was written, produced and directed by Del Tenney, something of a cult figure even if he only made a handful of movies. His others include "The Horror of Party Beach", "Violent Midnight", and "Zombie" a.k.a. "I Eat Your Skin". His tribute to the classic "old dark house" genre of black & white horror films is actually reasonably competent, although it must be said that it's mostly pretty lighthearted and fun stuff. It's never really scary, or even that atmospheric. Still, it has its delights, such as a memorable severed-head-on-a-platter gag. Tenney's screenplay won't bear much scrutiny, but in a fairly lightweight lark like this, that might not matter too much to the prospective viewer.

The movie is very much noteworthy for being the screen debut for future star Roy Scheider, who gets the top billed role and who is obviously having fun. He hams his way through his performance as drink-loving, sardonic Philip. Robert Milli is amusing as the pompous Bruce, Linda Donovan is a real cutie as the servant Letty, and Margot Hartman (the real life Mrs. Tenney) is fine as Vivian. This can also boast the only other film appearance for Candace Hilligoss, known to horror buffs as the star of "Carnival of Souls".

The story comes complete with comedy relief cops played by Paul Haney and George Cotton, who supply us with the blatantly goofy ending.

Nothing great but it is entertaining.

Seven out of 10.

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