The Curse of Buckout Road


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Colm Feore as Rev. Mike Reagan
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Michelle Mylett as Becky
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Danny Glover as Dr. Lawrence Powell
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Evan Ross as Aaron Powell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by soulcrisis282 / 10

This movie just fell on its face in the end

I'd like to start out by saying @jdpark-29254 you need to go get some help buddy, you're wound up way too tight. To get that upset about pronouncing an old German guys name that I assure you most people haven't heard of unless they are specializing in his same field, well yeah you just need to see a professional or get laid or something I dunno.

On to the movie, it started out with a different spin on urban legends and what have you but then it got lost in itself and just deflated and fell flat in the end. I do my best to not put spoilers so you can read my warning to skip this particular movie before hand, doesn't do you any good after the fact lol. So, story? Nope. Acting? Actually was pretty good except for Ross, yeah Diana Ross's son. Terrible actor, terrible cast choice, very annoying, not to mention he has a girls voice. I kid you not, you can close your eyes and when he talks, you'd could argue it may be a girl talking. Everything was tolerable but, bad story and bad cast? Well you're pretty much done at that point anyway. I'd skip this one unless you are having trouble finding something to watch because this is still better than a lot of real stinkers I've seen sadly in the past. That's why I'm here though, my suffering to save you your precious and valuable time. Until my next review, keep the film rolling.

Reviewed by kevin_robbins2 / 10

Someone needs to take this premise and completely remake this movie

The Curse of Buckout Road (2017) is a movie I recently watched on Tubi. The storyline follows the famous Buckout Road and the various legends that surround it. When a group of kids post a video about the legends of Buckout Road not being true, and why they believe the stories aren't true, everyone involved in the video starts having nightmares about the various legends. Soon their nightmares start becoming realities.

This movie is directed by Matthew Currie Holmes (Traces) in his directorial debut and stars Evan Ross (The Hunger Games),Henry Czerny (Mission: Impossible),Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon),Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Avengers: Age of Ultron),Colm Feore (Thor) and Jim Watson (Crimsin Peak).

This storyline had so much potential from real life ghost stories to a solid cast. Unfortunately using the children as the primary drivers of the plot was awful. The horror elements were also fairly weak until the very end. They should have stolen some ideas from Dead End or The Conjuring. There's a neck slice scene that was the highlight of the movie for me towards the end, but up until that point this film had nothing going for it. The ending was extra cheesy and very disappointing.

Someone needs to take this premise and completely remake this movie. Overall this was very poorly made and disappointing. I would score this a 2/10 and recommend skipping it.

Reviewed by I_Ailurophile6 / 10

The curious case of the small-time horror thriller

This movie is rife with odd incongruities. Various story beats, bits of dialogue, and otherwise elements are at times characterized by being tropes, too neat and clean to be believable, too smart or clever for its own good, or too ham-handed. That includes, for example, the highly stylized visualization of characters' dreams, where a simple descriptive monologue would have sufficed. Another great example: exposition and background lore provided by characters by way of a documentary-style video, a college project - inserted very pointedly when it's seemingly needed most. On top of all this, first time writer-director Matthew Currie Holmes has managed to assemble some very noteworthy names and faces to appear in his feature debut, including Danny Glover, Colm Feore, Henry Czerny, and Dominique Provost-Chalkley.

Most peculiar of all is that I don't think any of this is an accident. We get some jarring imagery, an air of mystery, a minor sense of suspense, and a modestly absorbing story. But 'The curse of Buckout Road' is also full of overarching yet underhanded cheeky humor and a quirky playfulness. Moments of would-be emotional weight are glossed over in such a matter-of-fact fashion as to render them perfunctory. It's all a weird mish-mash of contrasting and clashing ideas, moods, and tactics.

I don't dislike it. I also don't entirely know what to make of it.

Holmes' screenplay seems strangely (staggeringly?) adaptable. This movie could have been a straightforward horror thriller. It could have been a straightforward horror comedy. It could be a drama, a psychological thriller, a B-movie romp - all with just a few tweaks. Instead, Holmes elected to more or less blend all these aspects into a single feature. It's an interesting method, and I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with it. However, these disparate aspects do not mesh together with complete success. In trying to do and be so much, 'Buckout Road' doesn't allow any facet to be realized with all its due. Thrills are diminished, shock is dampened, actors are restricted, and our fun is somewhat weakened.

None of this is to say it's bad. I like the narrative. While Glover, Czerny, and Feore aren't given a great deal to do by comparison, Provost-Chalkley defies the constraints of the production to turn in an entertaining, varied performance with all the dexterity we know she's capable of. I'm not especially familiar with star Evan Ross, yet even as his lead role is likewise delineated for him, I think he handles the spotlight well. And I actually really like the ending.

I just wish it were all more consistent.

You could do a lot worse. This is entertaining, and where it succeeds, it excels. Where it falls short, it's dubious. The greatest deficiency of all is just an overabundance of notions all forced into the same picture. I don't begrudge anyone for particularly disliking this - I want to like it more than I do. Ultimately, 'The curse of Buckout Road' is a horror-thriller for viewers receptive to a smorgasbord of storytelling approaches, and if you can abide the complications, this is a pretty good time.

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