The Crown Jewels

2011 [SWEDISH]


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Alicia Vikander Photo
Alicia Vikander as Fragancia Fernandez
Bill Skarsgård Photo
Bill Skarsgård as Richard Persson
Edvin Ryding Photo
Edvin Ryding as Richard Persson
Severija Janusauskaite Photo
Severija Janusauskaite as Prison guard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joshua-303-927788 / 10

A great film. Deserves better than the current 5.5 rating.

I just finished watching this. I really don't understand why this is getting such a low rating on this site. I wonder how many of the reviewers even watched the whole thing.

This film is part heavy drama, part surreal fantasy. All storytelling. Good storytelling. It takes its time. Great character development.

One constant characteristic of this movie are plot turns every few minutes which surprise the viewer. The director seems highly skilled at this.

Finally, a very good musical score completes the film.

My only criticism would be that the film is a bit too long; the director has indulged themselves. But who am I to judge such a solid work? Thanks for making this.

Reviewed by hugofreitasxavier8 / 10

A much darker Amelie - still a great movie!

Great directing, great acting, magnificent script.

Just way too sad. The redeeming of the characters in the end comes too late and is a little unbalanced - only that leads me to give it 8 stars.

For everyone who has enjoyed Amelie, or Big Fiss, or Mr. Nobody, this will be a great movie.

It has it all, passion, death, innocence, humor, crime, life's roughness and life's lessons, a little magic, some sad poetry and a story so strong and so original you will be able to unglue your eyes from the screen.

Reviewed by Nooomie10 / 10

Best Swedish movie ever seen

I don't understand people who say this is a BAD movie. It was great! Maybe the movie was a little surreal, but that's the point. You should not watch this movie if you are going to take everything to freaking serious. The acting, the directing and the filming was really good, it wasn't Oscar-good but it was GOOD. I like it because it is a well done, original movie who did make me both cry and laugh. Its a movie filled with warmth. So whoever says this is a bad movie, haven't seen a bad movie.

I may be Swedish, but believe me, I don't like this movie because it is Swedish (normally I hate Swedish movies..). But again, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE if you are one of them who thinks everything in movies should be 100% realistic, and do NOT watch if you are a right-wing nationalist who thinks everything in this film is political.

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