The Con-Heartist

2020 [THAI]

Action / Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deepudp6 / 10

humorous, suspenseful and interesting.

This is an interesting movie. Don't expect too much from it and the story wont disappoint you. A simpleton Ina's life going through the ups and downs of life where people just wait to be con artists without a heart.

Reviewed by hillyket10 / 10

Comedy that makes u laugh

Yow this movie really funny hahaha especially when tower and that girl are in the office hahhaha that scene was really funny. Love to watch it again, and i hope bafren and nadech have a lakorn. I do love them to watch.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen7 / 10

Oh, this was enjoyable and entertaining...

I sat down to watch the 2020 Thai romantic comedy "The Con-Heartist" here in 2021. Sure, I hadn't heard about the movie prior to watching it, so I didn't really know what I was getting myself into here.

But I can honestly say that this movie from writers Pattaranad Bhiboonsawade, Mez Tharatorn and Thodsapon Thiptinnakorn definitely turned out to be a nice surprise of a movie. It was a rather interesting movie that combined comedy, romance and a very unique plot that was nicely planned and thoroughly thought through. I must admit that the whole con schemes in the movie was really enjoyable and came off as being very realistic - not that I would really know, since I am not a con artist. But it definitely seemed that way.

The storyline in "The Con-Heartist" is one that requires you to definitely keep attention to the storyline, because there are lots of things to keep up with and keep track of. Not only is the movie a story about a conned lady exacting revenge on the man who conned her, but it is also a story about romance, forming friendships in unlikely places, concocting devious schemes and keeping one's cool during a con act. And I must admit that I was enjoying this from the beginning and up to the end. So thumbs up to director Mez Tharatorn for this accomplishment.

Now, I am not familiar with the cast in the movie, but they definitely had some talented actors and actresses on the cast list to portray the various roles and characters. Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon (playing Ina) was very charismatic and definitely was nicely cast for her role, as was Nadech Kugimiya (playing Tower). Kathaleeya McIntosh (playing Ms Nongnuch) added a lot of class to the movie with her spot-on performance. And Pongsatorn Jongwilak (playing Jone) was just brilliant - it was just a shame that he didn't have more on-screen time because he was marvelous in this movie.

"The Con-Heartist" is more than just your average romantic comedy, and that is what makes this 2020 movie so enjoyable and outstanding. And if you find yourself with the chance to watch this movie, I strongly recommend that you do so, as this was a wonderfully entertaining movie.

Running at just over two hours, this movie didn't at any time feel slow or boring. It was so nicely paced given the interesting and entertaining storyline and good acting performances.

My rating of "The Con-Heartist" lands on a well-deserved seven out of ten stars.

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