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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phenomynouss1 / 10

A story about the science of the afterlife by people who know nothing about either

It's really difficult to properly review this without getting into the spoilers of it, in part because there's actually so little content here.

The plot setup is some guy named Isaac meets with an old friend Louis who is working on a big science experiment involving bending time and space and essentially bringing a deceased person back from the afterlife, and Dark matter might be people's "souls".

That is about as much as the film has in the way of explanation or science.

The film takes place almost completely in a dinky looking warehouse where they carry out their experiments. As such, it would take a lot in the way of creative writing and/or dialogue to carry this film. This film has none of that.

Louis and his partner Alex have inexplicably come up with a way to bring someone back to life and they brought back the girlfriend of some random guy in their alleyway who committed suicide two years prior. Her fully alive, intact body appears and is unconscious but alive.

There's nothing even remotely explaining how any of it works, and instead there is a big fixation on the "ethics" involved in the process in which 4 terminally ill volunteers had to be "euthanized" in order to bring someone back. Despite taking place in a rinky run-down warehouse, Louis has somehow managed to get ahold of TWO MILLION DOLLARS for EACH volunteer's family.

This becomes a big sticking point, and is really the only actual substantive thing we can tell is being done. It makes about as much sense as to imply that killing 4 random people in one spot will somehow bring 1 random person back to life.

The resurrected girlfriend provides absolutely nothing in the way of anything else, giving us a "I don't know" as to pretty much all afterlife-related questions except that the "gate" has been "broken" and she needs to go back or it will be broken forever.

That's the beginning and end of what ever she was trying to communicate. It's never elaborated upon any further, nor do we see any real consequences in terms of a timeline; is it okay for her to hang around for a day before going back? A full year? Only an hour?

Then it ends with Isaac deciding it would be a good idea to sabotage their experiment and give knock-out drugs to Louis and Alex in order to send the resurrected girl back, despite he himself openly stating he has no idea how to do so, and the tense music and machine noises indicating they are running out of time. Instead Alex wakes up and shoots him and he apparently dies and that's it.

Reviewed by lalaland-738706 / 10

Indie Sci-Fi

Saw this on amazon prime. Interesting concept and intriguing characters. It's obviously not a big budget film but the interaction between the main characters is pretty good. They all have different perspectives on what to do about the strange situation they find themselves in and none of them seem to be right or wrong.

Loved that the girl from the Descent was in this.

Reviewed by oceanblue-952047 / 10

Hmmm, still not sure what happened at the end,

But still liked the film. It puts out there a lot of sci-fi questions about life and death and what else is out there that we don;t understand. It features three scientist who have done something horrible and now have to fix wha their experiment has done to possibly the world and the the otherworld.

Good acting and interesting concepts even though the end was a little weird.

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