The Brothers Rico


Action / Crime / Drama / Film-Noir / Thriller

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James Darren Photo
James Darren as Johnny Rico
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Dianne Foster as Alice Rico
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Mimi Gibson as Mary Felici
Richard Conte Photo
Richard Conte as Eddie Rico
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by secondtake8 / 10

Pre-Godfather mobster violence with less theater and more grit

The Brothers Rico (1957)

With Richard Conte's role of a lifetime, and a harrowing mobster scene that presages the Godfather in its casual viciousness, this is one heck of a movie. It sometimes lacks good old fashioned drama with the lighting and the camera-work, and some people might find Conte a bit reserved for the leading man under the gun, but the writing is really solid, the story well constructed, and the movie as a whole feels believable and tragic.

At the core is a situation is Conte as Eddie Rico, formerly an accountant in a ruthless mob, now running a legit business in Florida and about to adopt a kid with his charming and playful wife. But right in scene one he gets a call from an old mob crony. They need his help. Or they say they do, at least, and a thug shows up to "work" at the business. Eddie's two brothers are still in the mob, and have been part of a hit, and there is an investigation closing in on them all unless Eddie can help get his brothers out of harms way. He takes this to mean out of the country, but it becomes clear to everyone else, and eventually to Eddie, that they mean to kill at least one of the two brothers.

So with the clock ticking over an adoption ready that very day, and with Conte flying all over the country in a desperate bid to sort this out, we see a growing menace in thug after thug, place after place, from Florida to New York, where Mama and grandmother live, to a ranch in Southern California where one brother is hiding with his pregnant wife. What makes it hold to together especially is how sympathetic the brothers are as characters, and how evil the main mob man is even though he insists he loves the Ricos, and loves their mother like his own mother, and he wants only the best.

In fact, the one long speech from this thug, played by Lamont Johnson, is a precursor to Brando's role in "The Godfather," with a chilling mixture of honorable love and threatening obligation and accountability. Eddie is at first taken by the honorable part, the love part, and events have to show him the brutal truth.

And who is director Phil Karlson? An underrated master of these kinds of gritty, and not quite film noirish, crime and mob films in the 1950s ("Kansas City Confidential" and "The Phenix City Story"). I say not quite noir only in the sense that his films lack the over-the-top dialog and punchy lines of classic noir, and the filming is not as theatrical with angles, shadows, and dark night scenes. And if you like me prefer those noirish noirs, you have to step back and say wow, this is something really convincing and powerful, too. Some of Karlson's films are, in fact, film noirs at the core, but late noirs, no longer dealing with the loner finding his footing in an alien America, but still with a man against the world, as Eddie Rico is here. And the cinematographer here is Burnett Guffey, who would later shoot "Birdman from Alcatraz" and the legendary "Bonnie and Clyde."

This is a seriously interesting film. Flawed, yes, sometimes obvious and clichéd, yes, but at its best it's penetrating.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

characters need to be smarter

Eddie Rico (Richard Conte) receives a call from Phil in the middle of the night. He used to be an accountant for a crime syndicate. He's now out of the racket but Phil is demanding a favor. Phil wants a job from Eddie for Joe Wesson who turns out to be a real gangster. Eddie's brother Gino is desperate to escape to Cuba after doing a hit. Their other brother Johnny was the getaway driver and has since disappeared. Eddie tries to save his younger brothers while his wife is desperate to adopt a child.

Richard Conte is great for this role. I like this movie except for Johnny. I can accept the distrust but I can't accept the illogical thinking. They go crazy with bad reasoning. Eddie should be able to convince him to do something. I can't stand stupid people doing stupid things. Eddie isn't smart either. He should know better. He can't be that naive. I like the general premise but the specific writing leaves these characters looking stupid.

Reviewed by MartinHafer8 / 10

Despite odd casting, it's a very good noir movie.

Richard Conte plays an ex-gangster who's gone straight many years before the film begins. However, even though he's a successful businessman, he's called out of the blue to do them a couple favors. Unfortunately, it turns out that the mob is looking for his brothers--and although they claim to want to get them out of the country for their own good, it sure looks as if they are just using him as bait.

The casting of this film left a lot to be desired. There was a 26 year difference in ages of Conte and Darren and they are supposed to be brothers! In addition, they looked like they were 26 years apart. Yet despite this, it's a taut and well-acted film. For lovers of film noir, you won't be disappointed--though the movie is more cerebral and less violent than most examples in the genre. Plus the plot if very interesting and kept me engaged throughout.

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