The Black Demon


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ray5121221 / 10

Extremely disappointing

Just got back from watching this movie in the theater and I am still mad about wasting my money on this trash of a movie. The only scenes with the creature are short and happen to quick. Other than that the rest of the movie is nothing but arguing, family drama, preaching about humans destroying the planet, etc. Not to mention there is no character development. First shark movie I have seen where I actually wouldn't have minded if the whole cast didn't make it. If you are wanting to watch a shark film then I wouldn't recommend this one. This movie actually makes The Meg seem like an Oscar worthy film.

Reviewed by FeastMode2 / 10

What are you?

That headline is not a reference from The Black Demon. It's a question I have for the movie. To say it's all over the place would be a severe understatement. It doesn't know what it wants to be. Most people will watch this because they want to see a creature feature, but that plays a tiny part in this movie. Even it's themes and messages are so random and unconnected.

The Black Demon opens with a scene that made me think, "Oh no, what have I gotten myself into." It seemed immediately bad even by B-movie standards. Then it does a few things that made me think, "Wait, this might be decent." There are some cool shots. I enjoyed the family dynamic and the little boy is hilarious.

But then it drops right back down to being unbearably low-quality. The shark attack scenes are awful. Every "horror" element fails. We start to see how horrendous the acting is by the two leads when the scene requires yelling. My jaw literally dropped at a couple of the performances.

Worst of all, it becomes unbelievably stupid. Throughout. I'll give one example from the very beginning. They plan a trip to a town but when they arrive, the hotel is closed down, as is most of the town. There are shady people lurking around. It's clearly unsafe. Instead of driving his family somewhere else, they get out and try to get directions to a restaurant from some shady people. They leave their car and follow them on foot to this restaurant, which also has shady people. And he leaves his wife and children while he goes to work for a few hours. It's the basis for how this entire movie happens and is, to the full extent of the word, moronic.

(1 viewing, opening Thursday 4/27/2023)

Reviewed by vnblu3 / 10

You have seen the best parts in the trailer...

Why watch the movie and ruin the trailer? The half Spanish crap without translations and the flicking of information without the time to actually see what it is they are looking at was so distracting. What was the deal with the little men in the boat??? ...I don't know because it wasn't explained. What a cheap piece of crap this movie is. I really felt like I was watching either a movie that wasn't quite finished, or I was wasting my money on a story that would have been a poor choice on Tubi. Too much droning on and on about legends and not enough action from the shark ...this was supposed to be a movie about a shark, a demon shark, or a megalodon so where is the action from the shark? This was one of the worst examples of storytelling I have EVER seen! Save your money on this one, because it is bound to show up in the bargain bin at Walmart very soon. I drove home after seeing this movie and even though nothing happened on the way, it was a better story than this trash told.

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