The Angry Birds Movie


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Mckenna Grace as Ella Bird
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Keegan-Michael Key as Judge Peckinpah
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Peter Dinklage as Mighty Eagle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity7 / 10

Pretty funny!!

So I never played the game before. I should have done that before I saw it, but the movie actually gave me a pretty good run through on how to play the game as well as tips on how to get far in the game and how to use all the birds in the game, so that's cool. They did a better job at it than the movies Battleship and Doom.

Loved all the voice talent in the movie lead by Jason Sudeikis who plays the Red bird, with a hot temper whose force into anger management were he forms relationships with other angry birds, Chuck, played by Josh Gad, Bomb, played by Danny McBride, and Terrance who was played brilliantly by Sean Penn. They are the only one's who can help Red when he realizes the friendly Pigs that invaded their Island are up to something.

I loved the animation and the design of the characters. It's very funny and entertaining.

Reviewed by lisafordeay8 / 10

I really liked this film

Yesterday myself,mom and my younger brother(who was dying to see this film in a long time)went to see this in 3D in the cinemas and we all enjoyed it.

The film is based on the games app Angry Birds and is the first animated directional debut for Clay Kaytis(who was a supervisor animator for Disney and you may know him for Tangled,Wreck It Ralph,Frozen and Big Hero 6 to name a few)and Fergus O Reilly(an Irish director)and tells the tale of a bird called Red voiced by Jason Sudekis who has an anger problem and is sent to anger management as he ruined a baby bird's birthday party and Red loses his cool with the child's father. From there Red(who is a total recluse and a bad reputation for being stubborn) meets 3 more birds a grumpy bird who just moans voiced by Sean Penn called Terrence,a wisecracking hyperactive yellow bird called Chuck voiced by Josh Gad and a bird called Bomb who blows up and together they team up together as a mysterious pig and his crew are trying to steal the angry birds eggs. So will Red save the day and be known as a hero like his idol Mighty Eagle(voiced by Peter Dinklidge)?

The animation is brilliant and the voice acting is very good. The 3D is very good I really enjoyed it and the story was very good. Now if I had to pick one nitpick I would say Josh Gad. Now he was hilarious as Chuck don't get me wrong he had me laughing out loud but every time I would hear his voice all I could think of was Olaf from Frozen since Josh was the voice of the snowman in Frozen.

Overall though I liked it since Animation is my favourite genre of all time. Yes folks I am a 25 year old woman with no children and I love animated movies so what.

I am giving this an 8/10 and a B rating.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

better than expected

Red (Jason Sudeikis) is an angry bird alone on an island of flightless happy birds. He's a birthday clown who got angry. He's sentenced to anger management class by Judge Peckinpah (Keegan-Michael Key). Matilda (Maya Rudolph) is teaching speedster Chuck (Josh Gad),explosive Bomb (Danny McBride),and quiet giant Terence (Sean Penn). A ship arrives and two pigs, Leonard (Bill Hader) and Ross, disembark. Red sneaks on the ship and discovers more pigs. The birds are perfectly happy with them except for Red. As more pigs arrive and take over, Red asks Chuck and Bomb for help to find the legendary Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage).

It sounds like a stupid idea. After Lego, I'm trying to stay open-minded. This one turns out to be better than expected but it's not overly imaginative. First, Red is a functional leading character. He's angry but it isn't funny like Shrek. Chuck is more or less his fast-talking sidekick but they don't have enough chemistry. Maybe they'll be better in the future. Chuck and Bomb have the most fun together. They're a goofy comedy duo. The Mighty Eagle pool is probably the best.

The story is fine. It tries to say something about anger but it's nowhere near good enough. This is mostly loud and bright for the little kids. They even get to launch the birds at the pig city. Overall, this is fine for what it's trying to do.

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