The Anderssons in Greece

2012 [SWEDISH]

Comedy / Family

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Julia Dufvenius as Sabina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RosanaBotafogo7 / 10


Cute ... Very "Frustrated Holidays" style, but outside the Hollywood axis, which brings us new airs and some good laughs, fun, some unnecessary situations, the boy is too young for so many relationships, and poor girl who only beaten ...

Reviewed by Catharina_Sweden4 / 10

High recognition factor, but very simple and predictable

I watched this family movie in the company of my ten-year old daughter. We both thought that it was just a little funny. We were glad that we had downloaded it for free, and not paid for cinema tickets - because then it would have been a disappointment.

As with almost all modern Swedish comedies, the recognition factor is high. If you have been on a family charter holiday to Greece, or another holiday resort around the Mediterranean, you will recognize many of the funny episodes. You will also recognize the characters from real life. I suppose most of us have known some miser such as Sune's father, who would have done the same as him at an all inclusive hotel - desperately try to eat, drink and use all the all inclusive facilities, just to get value for money. Whether the family gets any fun out of the various activities, or not.

But - the tempo is slow, the jokes are very simple and clumsy, it is all very predictable, and something with the timing and pacing is not right. It all feels very amateurish, which is a pity when they have actually dragged this big movie-making team all the way to Greece. They ought to have been able to make so much more of it! Another thing which is sad, is that the "old" Sune movies and television series, from the 1990:s, were so much better. They were sometimes "inspired"!

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