The Adventures of Robin Hood


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Olivia de Havilland Photo
Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marian
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Errol Flynn as Robin Hood
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Claude Rains as Prince John
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Carole Landis as Guest at Banquet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David9 / 10

Errol Flynn was the best swashbuckler of the sound era...

Michael Curtiz received only a single Academy Award for directing the best of wartime espionage movies "Casablanca" but made great classics like "Captain Blood", "The Charge of the Light Brigade", "The Sea Hawk" and "The Adventures of Robin Hood," orchestrating enthusiastically great stars and skilled technicians... He refined with charm and elegance plot and character with fluid camera movement and exquisite lightning, mixing action with peculiar sense of humor capturing with brilliant photography the natural look of Sherwood Forest, the cool tones of Nottingham Castle and the inn at Luton with its crackling fireplace...

The film had great marvelous scenes: When Robin decides to tackle with a staff Little John (Alan Hale); Robin's swordsplay with the gallant Friar Tuck (Eugene Palette); Robin and his Forest outlaws giving a warm welcome to Lady Marian and to the treasure's wagon lead by Sir Guy and the High Sheriff ; The Archery Tournament; Robin's Merry Men entering Nottingham Castle; and the magnificent final duel, with a masterful score, between Robin & Sir Guy...

Errol Flynn was the best swashbuckler of the sound era... He was ideally cast as the Saxon knight Sir Robin of Locksley who became a rebel outlaw robbing the rich to feed the poor... With his Merry Men he saved Saxon England against Norman ambitions... His most frequent enemies were the noisy High Sheriff of Nottingham (Melvin Cooper),the evil Bishop of Black Canon (Montagu Love),the eloquent chief conspirator Sir Guy of Gasbourne, and Prince John...

Flynn's splendid figure 'leaping, jumping, scaling and swinging' made him a great leader of men sheltering the old and the helpless... He was a romantic hero 'twinkling' with malice, gallantly courting the exquisite Olivia De Havilland...

Olivia De Havilland was a pretty and delicate woman in love with a brave and reckless outlaw...

Basil Rathbone, superb as the arrogant Sir Guy of Gisbourne, spreads terror by torturing, rivaling Robin for Lady Marian...

Claude Rains was the treacherous prince John who orders his Norman knights to oppress the helpless Saxons suffocating them with thefts, and burning their farms... He vows that Robin must be captured...

Winner of 3 Academy Awards (Art Direction, Original Score and Film Editing) "The Adventures of Robin Hood" is a delighted tale of high adventure, a tale of action and colorful pageantry, a great film for all the family...

Reviewed by MartinHafer10 / 10

What's not to love about this film?!

This is the definitive version of Robin Hood and helped elevate Errol Flynn to mega-stardom. That's because everything is so perfect about this film, as Warner Brothers pulled out all the stops and spared no expense to make one of the greatest action-adventure films of all time.

The cinematography is stupendous for 1938, having the richest and brightest colors available at that time. Some may find the boldness of the colors a bit odd, but I love it as it makes it look "better than real-life"--like a fantasy world.

The music is amazing--bold, exciting and grand. Subtle? Nah. For this film it's lots of fanfare and a grandness that perfectly match the film.

The cast is amazing...absolutely amazing. They gave Flynn the best and most perfect lady for his love in the form of Olivia DeHavilland. This was a very good choice, as she starred in Flynn's breakout film, CAPTAIN BLOOD just three years earlier and she radiated beauty as well as goodness! Heck, after seeing her, I fell in love with Ms. DeHavilland the first time I saw this! Along with her, practically all the best supporting actors were provided. For the baddies, we had Claude Rains and Basil Rathbone and as for the heroes, we had Eugene Palette (yeah),Patric Knowles, Ian Hunter and many other fine actors. Plus, for once, Una O'Connor was able to give a subtle and restrained performance--not the shrieking idiot she played in films like BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and THE INVISIBLE MAN! Oh, and of course, lest I forget, Errol Flynn in the lead--a perfect blending of manliness, sex appeal and athleticism! He was born to play this part and no one comes close to him in his interpretation of the character.

So with all these ingredients, excellent writing and direction were combined to create a masterpiece. Fun, exciting and timeless. This is one great film.

FYI--Historically speaking, "Good King Richard" was NOT a nice guy, but in fact one of the cruelest and most horrid kings of England. He hated ruling and got his kicks killing people in battle as well as murdering innocents and plundering their cities. Why he was chosen in ROBIN HOOD and IVANHOE to be a hero makes no sense at all if you know your history.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

Classic treatment of a timeless legend, and of all the film versions this is THE definitive one

This 1938 film is in my eyes the definitive film version of the timeless legend; it is colourful, entertaining and absolutely delightful. The adventure is fast-paced, the editing is crisp and the direction fully competent. The film looks stunning with lovely scenery, gorgeous Technicolour and beautiful cinematography. Swashbuckling legend Errol Flynn gives possibly his best performance as the handsome, brave, gallant and charismatic Robin Hood, and Olivia De Havilland is lovely as ever as Maid Marian, and I felt their romance was very believable. I have to mention the villains, Prince John being played with real demeanour by Claude Rains and a more suave, haughty and charismatic Guy of Gisborne is played wonderfully by Basil Rathbone. The sword fights are energetic and fun, especially the climatic one between Robin and Sir Guy, the dialogue has plenty of wit to amuse kids and adults and Korngold's music score is absolutely superb. Truly terrific, definitely one of a kind. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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