The Adventurers

1995 [CN]

Action / Drama

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Andy Lau as Wai Lok-yan / Mandy Chan
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Reviewed by darrenmurray846 / 10

Lesser Ringo Lam

You would expect the team up of master director Ringo Lam and actor Andy Lau would have had better results. Unfortunately The Adventurers is a somewhat lesser affair for both Director and Star.

The adventurers is a below par (for Ringo Lam) thriller, involving Lau's character Mandy (yes you did read that right)going undercover in America to infiltrate the gang of the man that killed his parents when he was a boy.

Competently made, but more could have been done with the plot and characters. It does involve some good action scenes, but Lam has done better and on a smaller budget. Lam said at the time that it was impossible to make a decent film with Andy Lau because half of the budget was spent on his fee alone. This doesn't make it a bad film.

Generally the performances are good especially Rosemund Kwan as the film's Femme Fatale. Worth a look, but for a better example of Lam check out his other classics The Victim, City on Fire or Full Contact.

Reviewed by Libretio6 / 10

Terrific action-vehicle for superstar Andy Lau


Aspect ratio: 1.85:1

Sound format: Mono

A Cambodian fighter pilot (Andy Lau) is recruited by American security forces to penetrate the inner circle of a billionaire arms dealer (Paul Chun) who murdered Lau's parents two decades earlier. But Lau's quest for vengeance is complicated when he falls in love with Chun's beautiful daughter (Jacklyn Wu)...

Though responsible for some of the most popular HK action-dramas of recent times, including such well-received entries as PRISON ON FIRE (1987) and FULL CONTACT (1992),director Ringo Lam courted criticism with this ultra-commercial potboiler, dismissed in some quarters as little more than a vehicle for Asian superstar Lau, as if the actor-singer was somehow unworthy of Lam's 'respectable' oeuvre. However, for all its faults - real and imagined - THE ADVENTURERS is an entertaining mixture of high emotion, brutal violence and thrilling stuntwork, headlined by some of the industry's brightest talents.

Episodic in structure, the movie follows a group of disparate characters from Cambodia to Thailand to San Francisco and back again to Cambodia, where Lau seeks redemption for a traumatic childhood incident in which his family was slaughtered by Chun and his wicked cohorts. Lam makes a virtue of the melodramatic plot and excessive action scenes, culminating in Lau's disastrous assassination attempt on Chun during a swanky reception in a Thai hotel, one of the most dynamic set-pieces of Lam's career to date. Wu - paired with Lau for the third time since their successful teaming in Benny Chan's A MOMENT OF ROMANCE (1990) - is Chun's estranged daughter, a firebrand who falls into the hands of rival gangsters and is rescued by Lau, who detains her in an effort to draw her father's attention and insinuate himself into Chun's criminal organization (there's real chemistry between these two gorgeous young actors, exemplified by a wonderful sequence in which Lau foils Wu's comical attempts to escape from their country hideout),whilst Rosamund Kwan - another long-standing Asian celebrity - plays Chun's unhappy moll, a dignified creature whose desperate longing to escape the villain's clutches has appalling consequences for everyone around her, especially Wu.

Lam's eventful screenplay - co-written with Yip Gong-yam and Sandy Shaw - generates tension by emphasizing Lau's divided loyalties and highlighting the moral uncertainty of his plot to destroy Chun, and while the role is hardly a stretch for Lau (he's built an entire movie career on such flawed but heroic characters, ever since his debut in Ann Hui's 1982 feature BOAT PEOPLE),he plays it with just the right amount of compassion and nobility. Co-stars include Shaw Brothers favorite David Chiang, Ben Ng (the scene-stealing villain from Billy Tang's horrific RED TO KILL),and Asian-American actors Victor Wong (BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA) and George Kee. Technical credits are superb: Wong Wing-ming's rapid-fire editing maintains a quickfire pace without sacrificing characters or narrative coherence, and Lam's high-powered direction is well-served by celebrated cinematographers Arthur Wong and Ardy Lam, who flatter Lau's beauty with their careful lighting schemes and underline the drama with tilted angles and fluid, mobile camera-work. Die-hard fans may have been divided by the film, but casual viewers will almost certainly get their money's worth.

(Cantonese dialogue)

Reviewed by Captain_Couth8 / 10

The Cinema of Ringo Lam.

The Adventurers (1995) was a big budgeted film (for Ringo Lam) that spans across three countries. The film begins in Thailand and goes to the United States and Hong Kong. It's also a tale of revenge, a deep rooted one that lasts well over two decades. A young child is the only survivor of a family massacre. His uncle (David Chiang) raises the boy until adulthood (Andy Lau). For many years he has been waiting for the right moment to avenge his family's honor. The kid flies to the United States where he finds his foe. He's strangely attracted to his wife (Rosamund Kwan) and uses her to get back at her sleazy husband. But fate plays a cruel trick upon him because he's also attracted to her daughter. Will she get into his way on his path of vengeance?

A nice high gloss action vehicle for Hong Kong pop star Andy Lau, he commanded a high price for his role (one and a half million U.S.D.). It's a hefty sum but it's worth it because he actually acts pretty well in this picture. Ringo Lam has worked miracles with a lot of difficult actors (Jean Claude Van Damme). Instead of mugging and goofing off in front of the camera, Andy shows emotions and depth into his role. The action is well choreographed and the cinematography is top notched.

Highly recommended.

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