The Accusation

2021 [FRENCH]

Action / Drama

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Charlotte Gainsbourg Photo
Charlotte Gainsbourg as Claire Farel
Laëtitia Eïdo Photo
Laëtitia Eïdo as Yasmina Vasseur
Camille Razat Photo
Camille Razat as Quitterie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by francadecors2 / 10

Boring male bashing piece

Its 2 hours and 30 minutes long and should have been half that. The film ultimately becomes a rorschach test of your own feelings. It takes too long to arrive at a conclusion and misleads you all the way frustratingly.

I found myself angry at the writer/director/producer who takes you on a endless rollercoaster without providing a conclusion or the reasoning behind it. Imagine being part of a lawsuit where the judges never explain their reasoning.

Read subtitles was hard enough. Its in French and it was hard to understand the nuisances they were trying to convey.

Reviewed by anxiousgayhorseonketamine9 / 10

Excellent and very balanced piece

Excellent acting from some heavyweights the best and most salient being La Gainsbourg; her summation at the end of the trial should get her awards and prob will

It adds a human dimension to some of the possible perceived excesses of the entire Weinstein-triggered Zeitgeist (Balance ton Porc: "Grass up your Pig") being the French expression of the Metoo worldwide movement

It ultimately explores and questions what is consent and how fluid and tortuous this concept can be to legislate around.

It does not come out in the end with any solid answer as indeed it probably cannot be done; but it is a very balanced and intelligent; also very well-paced reflection on the entire issue

I gave a nine; some might a ten .... oh yes and despite the very heavy subject matter (rape) it is an enjoyable film to view overall.

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