The Accountant


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Tait Fletcher Photo
Tait Fletcher as Thug #1
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Ben Affleck as Christian Wolff
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Anna Kendrick as Dana Cummings
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Jon Bernthal as Brax
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby9 / 10

Engaging thriller with some good action. Ben Affleck's best performance.

When it released in theatre i dismissed it thinking it might be a dull movie on an accountant.

I thot another Bourne rip off or shaky cam stuff but this one is a good thriller.

Affleck did a superb job n he adopted the traits, behaviors and symptoms of autism very well.

There is sufficient character development n the story has good amount of twists n turns.

There is ample amount of action, both gun firing n hand to hand combat.

The headshots r brutal, the body count is high n the movie ended well leaving room for a much needed sequel.

Thankfully it is not shot in hand held camera a la Jason Bourne n Taken style jus to make it appear fast paced.

The movie is engaging n entertaining.

Suspense n tension is maintained throughout.

Director O'Connor succeeded in normalising autism and showing that behavioural conditions should not get in the way of anyone's life.

The song To Leave Something Behind by Sean Rowe is haunting n mesmerizing.

Reviewed by UniqueParticle10 / 10

Love The Accountant so much, I have Asperger's I appreciate it more

Before today I saw The Accountant in the theater and I wasn't reviewing back then so here I am. Such a great movie about a wonderfully unique being that is very good at many meticulous details such as mathematics, his work really well and mysterious things. Incredible performances from everyone and well written I'm surprised it wasn't nominated a few years ago! Warms my heart to relate to things, glad I own this amazing film in 4K!

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca7 / 10

A twist on the thriller genre

THE ACCOUNTANT offers a fresh twist on the action thriller genre for a film which is just as much a character study and drama as it is an action flick. In fact, those looking for Bourne-style hijinks are likely to be disappointed; there's an intense bit in the middle and a solid climax, but otherwise this is about actors doing what they do. Ben Affleck gets a chance to play a very interesting character, an austistic protagonist (how often do you see this?) who gets involved in a financial plot depicted in an interesting way. The film is generally quite gripping and involving, although it's a little slow and talky in parts and certain aspects are badly handled (Anna Kendrick's character has no purpose being in the film, really). Overall, I enjoyed it.

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