The 65th Annual Grammy Awards


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Jennifer Lopez as Self - Presenter
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Dwayne Johnson as Self - Presenter
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Viola Davis as Self - Presenter
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Taylor Swift as Self - Winner
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Reviewed by GigSchmidt8 / 10

Production failures & successes

1- should have added names of performers on screen. Especially during the medleys

2- periodic sounds heard from what was probably the production room

3- should have left the names, occupations & hometowns of designated fans of album of the year on screen longer

4- production missed a few cues to air the main action

5- sounded like the drum played by Mac Fleetwood was not in tune with piano

6- production should have figured out how to stay within time, especially when they were allotted an unappealing three and a half hours. Major failure to go over tv time by and additional 22 minutes.

7- producer should not have continuously aired shots of Ben Affleck who looked misearable in every aired shot.

8- song categorizing was questionable. Bad bunny as pop for song of the year and not Latin when he sang in Spanish? And other questionable categorizations

Positives Host Trevor Noah was excellent

The idea to bring the designated fans of album of the year on stage to present the award, followed by having the appropriate fan announce the winner and hand over the actual Grammy was a brilliant idea which was probably prearranged by production

Hip hop medley was excellent. Great decision to honor hip hops 50 year anniversary

As always, Lizzo acceptance speech was great.

Sound decision to have a designated helper assist women up the stairs. Other awards shows sometimes forget.

Although the show was a disappointing 3 hours and 42 minutes long, the pacing was good and the host Trevor Noah's assistance, the time passed effortlessly.

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