The 14 Amazons

1972 [CHINESE]

Action / Adventure / Drama / History / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Movie-Misfit8 / 10

Classic Shaw's That Highly Entertains!!

This historical epic opens like the closing-battle of most other kung-fu movies, with the massacre of the famed General Yang and his army, slaughtered by the invading Mongolians - led by Tien Feng (Young Master, The Assassin). From there, the 14 women of his family (including wife and daughters) set out on a blood-soaked revenge mission, which doesn't disappoint. Cheng Kang's action-packed classic explodes with many great characters, all of who give great performances, with hundreds of extras and a host of great kung-fu and weapons battles!

As with most Shaw Brothers productions, the sets and costumes are outstanding with such great attention-to-detail, complimenting the amazing cast on offer. The ladies of the 14 Amazons all do a great job as the vengeful daughters, both in the acting and action department. The action choreography of course, is looked after by the fantastic Tony Ching Siu Tung and Shaw Brother's regular, Leung Siu Chung. Leung worked as action director on classics such as Billy Chong's Sun Dragon, TheThunderbolt Fist, The Two Cavaliers with Wang Yu, and many more. Most of these fights include using the family weapon which is a spear, so any fans of the incredible 8 Diagram Pole Fighter will enjoy it - and even more so with its many similarities.

The legendary stories of the Yang Family have been passed down for generations, and told countless times in Hong Kong cinema. The Yang's took part in many wars for many years, although was not without its losses. Anyone who's not a fan of the old-school kung-fu movies can check out Frankie Chan's 2011 update, Legendary Amazons, which is great fun and just as action-packed...

Director Cheng Kang, the same man behind classics such as The Sword Of Swords with Jimmy Wang Yu, The Flying Guillotine 2, and Gambling Soul which would be his last as director. But most importantly, he gave us his son - Tony Ching Siu Tung - who would go on to bring Hong Kong film fans some of the greatest martial arts action films ever made!

The fights come often enough, from large-scale war battles to one-on-one action, such as the fight between a young Bolo Yeung and Shaw Brothers superstar, Yuen Hua, and are wonderfully choreographed, inventive and exciting to watch - not to mention violent at times. One hilarious thing I must point out though, is the fact that most of the bad guys are dressed like little Santa's which just adds some unintentional humour to it all, but its hardly distracting...

Overall: Epic in its running time, action and cast, 14 Amazons is wonderfully scripted, beautifully shot and directed, and highly entertaining!

Reviewed by ThyDavideth8 / 10

Woo-Wee These People Are Mad

It's menopause against testosterone in this PERIOD epic. Ugh! So glad the blood isn't real. Anyways, 14 Amazons is about some Yang general who gets killed and all these broads simultaneously have PMS and decide to avenge him. Yup! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This movie is hilariously brutal. Lots of people getting pissed off and stabbing and chopping each other to death. It's the best. The story is simple and straight forward which is typically revenge based and blah blah blah. And in case any of you care, this is not a kung fu per say. It's more of a war movie where most of the fights are simple and brutal as opposed to being choreographed like a typical kung Fu movie like, say, Heroes Two or whatever. 14 Amazons is violent as Hell, the characters are all on crack and it's a load of fun.

Reviewed by joeshoe898 / 10

Excellent Shaw Bros war epic

After a proud soldier is brutally cut down with many arrows on his birthday, his wife and her family not only learning of this but also told they can do nothing by a corrupt official prepare to take all the women and many loyal men to seek vengeance and defeat the much larger male army that killed their hero. This is a terrific Shaw Bros flick not only in story acting and action but in filming on great locations with camera work that shows some great shots of countryside mountains and a terrific dam breaking sequence that engulfs part of the army of bad guys. The great cast of tiny but fierce Chinese women are not only martial artists but excellent with both spear and sword. The men who are loyal to them go so far as to sacrifice themselves to give the women a victory. Both sides are not only incredible fighters but smart and crafty in their battle plans. I really enjoyed this movie and I think anyone who wants a top notch Shaw Bros film will too. A must see.

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