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Reviewed by The_Real_Llew10 / 10

Don't try drinking a hot cuppa when watching this...

Finally got round to watching "That's The Way A-ha A-ha Joe Lycett" the other day. Joe Lycett is a very funny guy. So funny, I lost half a cup of coffee over my naked body.

That'll teach me for trying to do 3 things at once...

Reviewed by CrazyArty7 / 10


This was enjoyable enough, Joe is very likeable. My favourite stuff is when he makes a nuisance of himself badgering companies, busy-bodies and fraudsters with emails.

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer8 / 10

Gifted Comic, But You May Be Tested ...

This review written in 2017.

I mention the date because in 2017 I penned an IMDb review of the Chris Gethard HBO comedy special (loved it) and was a bit taken aback by the fairly extreme group of .... haters. (Chris has mental health issues and is up-front about it.)

Although I have a fair bit of IMDb experience (some 1300+ reviews) and back in the day I worked as a comedy writer in L.A., I had failed to realize how polarizing certain types of comedy are.

So this time I will be more cautious.

Lycett is a self-proclaimed bisexual, British, a gentle soul who wears his heart on his sleeve and an absolute master of language.

That said, in spite of the delicate and thoughtful delivery, much of the material is about sex, sexuality, and overall quite naughty.

Throw into the equation his sexuality and you have all the ingredients for diversity. Not diversity of spirit. Diversity of opinion. Diversity of reaction.

So, have warned you, I will say that if you are not put off by comedy based on non-standard sexuality, the material is both funny and thought-provoking.

Lycett is a gifted stage comic with a lot of experience and never misses a correct intonation or a comic beat.

On the other hand, if you think you may be offended by this material, then the ONLY bits you may resonate with are segments where Lycett, a master of language, takes pen in hand to do battle with the endless army of civil servants and similar officials who make it their personal business to complicate our lives.

For example, Lycett's spirited defence of a parking ticket (where the evidence as to where he was parked was a closeup photo of his car window upon which the ticketer had scrawled the words "Taxi Stand") is one of the all-time classic comedy bits and will leave you on the floor with a bellyache from laughing.

Recommended. With a caution.

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