That's Amor


Comedy / Romance

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Christina Moore Photo
Christina Moore as Becky
Riley Dandy Photo
Riley Dandy as Sofia
Emelia Hartford Photo
Emelia Hartford as Jessica
Daniel Edward Mora Photo
Daniel Edward Mora as Guillermo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by teresawhitehead-661638 / 10

Fun Watch

Great chemistry between the two leads. Some familiar supporting cast and others I have not seen. Typically I don't enjoy new actors but this cast was very likable and fun. Liked the story, the locations etc.

I have found it hard to find quality, interesting, fun, and entertaining television shows even with network tv and all the streaming services so finding an interesting film with good acting is a rarity these days.

Some other reviewer compared this to a Hallmark movie and must say this was a better quality film than most Hallmark fare these days This was a lot of fun to watch! Thank you all involved.

Reviewed by flejklw9 / 10

honest love story

Being a new film to netflix I thought I would give it a try, and for a love story it ain't half bad.

I rated it so highly because its has a lot of good acting which was expected of the great and under-rated Nancy Lenehan, Rilely Dandy does play the part of Sofia very well, also Arlene Tur who also adds to the film.

The plot I guess has been portrayed in many other films and if this was for instance a Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie casted film it would have more ratings and reviews. However there is nothing to be taken away from the cast of this film, its a rated 12 and it comes over as such, but its honest, the male leads are not very strong but the the overall storyline is flowing and there are a lot of funny lines.

Dont expect Oscar nominations for this film, but well worth the watch.

Reviewed by dcure-962-1213395 / 10

Great comedy

People need to realize that this is a comedy. For being a low-budget movie, I would say it is excellent. Yes, there are no actors from Spain. Yes, it is cheese and predictable, but who cares? This movie is like pizza; it is good no matter what.

For a Saturday night, lonely on your cozy couch, I see this movie being a great success. The acting was good; there was not Marlon Brando, Meryl Streep, or Steve Seagal; but they did a good job.

I liked it; it was fun. Suppose you expect to watch an academy award movie; look for another option. However, if you are looking for an easy film to enjoy and relax, this might be the one.

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