Terminator 2: Judgment Day


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James Cameron as Cowardly Biker who drops pool stick
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Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator
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Robert Patrick as T-1000
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Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

A bigger, richer sequel that is every bit as fantastic as its predecessor and even surpasses it in some areas

The original Terminator film is one of the greatest films of the action genre, and still holds up as a fantastic film, not just of its genre but in general too. Terminator 2: Judgement Day is considered one of the best sequels ever made, and it is a consensus that I agree with. While it does lack somewhat in its predecessor's darkness and brutality, it delivers just as much in the writing and action and feels bigger and richer.

Here in Terminator 2: Judgement Day the budget is clearly bigger. This is especially true in the special effects, they were the only things in the first film that didn't hold up as well as the rest of the film but they were still not bad at all, here the effects are stunning, the liquid melting effects on the T-1000 model blow the mind still today. It is photographed slickly and beautifully, maintaining the dark audaciousness of the first film., and while the sets and lighting are not quite as nightmarish they are every bit as imaginative and atmospheric. It is superbly directed by James Cameron, and it's scored appropriately hauntingly.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day's script is just as snappy and even takes on a hard-edged tone in some parts, more so than the original, while the roller-coaster action is thrilling in every sense, without being overblown or dominating the film too much at the expense of depth, the bigger budget aiding and adding to the experience rather than swamping it. The story is still enormous fun, beautifully paced with few if any longueurs and very suspenseful.

Linda Hamilton gives another terrific performance, that is more depth than her performance in the first film, Robert Patrick is spine-chilling and once again Arnold Schwarzenegger is perfectly cast in by far his most conic role that was tailor-made for him.

In conclusion, a fantastic sequel that deserves its distinction as one of the best sequels ever made. It's the only Terminator sequel to be close to the quality of the original, and the only one that's above good level. For me, if asked which is the better film between the first film and this they're about equal, in their own ways 10/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle10 / 10

Great action and much more

The future John Connor has sent a T-101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to protect the teenage John Connor (Edward Furlong) from the most advanced Terminator ever, the T-1000 (Robert Patrick). It's mimetic poly-alloy material allow it to mimic anything it touches. John must retrieve his mother Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) from the psychiatric hospital.

The CG T-1000 is the most advanced FX of its times. For the rest, it is all real action. It still looks exciting and hasn't aged too badly. James Cameron has pushed the envelop to the limits. This is not simply Terminator on steroids. Cameron has added a lot of humor, and also heart. The T-101 is more a father figure to John Connor. And Sarah Connor's tough love really adds to the heartbreak. And the central idea that the future is still their's to create. All of it makes this more than a simple shoot 'em up movie. This is one of the best sequel ever.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca10 / 10

The purest form of action cinema there is

At the time of release, this was one of the biggest, most expensive, box office hits ever made. Obviously that reputation has long since been diminished by films which have come since, but I still remember the hype and excitement that surrounded this film when I was but a ten year old boy. Containing Arnold Schwarzenegger's most accessible, likable performance, it's difficult to find fault with this near-masterpiece of adrenaline-pumping action.

Essentially it's just a string of set pieces linked together by a few scenes of dialogue. There's little drama or acting involved - all the characters are clear-cut - basically, the film goes from one outstanding action sequence to another. And these action scenes are truly wonderful. There are five in all; each more exciting and meaningful than the last. The first comes when the T-800 and T-100 finally meet up and have a huge battle in a hallway, smashing walls down and throwing each other through windows. The battle of the titans continues outside in a riveting truck chase, stopped only by a huge explosion. The third suspenseful set-piece shows just how unstoppable the T-1000 is, as the goodies and baddies battle over rescuing Sarah Connor from her mental asylum. Then there's lot of gunfire and explosions in the Cyberdyne building siege, until the final climatic battle between good and evil at a steel mill.

If THE ABYSS was the first film to really introduce CGI, TERMINATOR 2 is the first film to really make use of its facilities and to place them in a context - unlike later entries which tried to make non-computerised things look real, and failed. The T-1000's morphing shots are stunning, show-stopping, and exceptional, and they work because they are meant to look as such. Aside from these excellent morphing sequences (the scene involving the T-1000 coming out of a floor is probably the greatest),there's tons of ammunition and explosions flying across the screen at every opportunity. Arnie dons some realistic "wound" makeup in the final scenes of the film, and once again the makeup is flawless. The special effects are the best things in this film; the makeup, CGI work and stunts all come together in absolute perfection.

The performance are spot on too; characters are introduced and are made charismatic, but thankfully are not dwelled upon. Edward Furlong makes an impressive debut as the streetwise, foul-mouthed kid who has a heart of gold, while Linda Hamilton has undergone a complete transformation from her victimised waitress in the first film to a muscular, lean killing machine herself. Robert Patrick helped to carve himself a niche for playing evil psychopaths, and his slim figure goes well with the morphing capabilities he possesses - he looks like a match for Arnie. But it's our friend Schwarzenegger who steals the film, starting out as a cold, calculating machine and in the end sacrificing himself for mankind. That this finale had me bursting into tears on more than one occasion shows just how good Arnie is in it. He's funny, heroic, likable and consistently impressive - what more could you want? Other familiar faces fill out the supporting cast, with the likes of Xander Berkeley and Earl Boen (returning from the first film) in minor roles.

The violence isn't skirted, either...lots of people get impaled by the T-1000's knife-arms, plenty of men get shot in the knees (ouch),Arnie even cuts the skin off his own arm at one point. But this is primarily an action film, and should be treated as such. Every scene is flawlessly composed, with some little neat ideas thrown in almost everywhere - everything is portrayed coolly and stylishly, especially where Arnie is concerned. He really is the king of cool here - from the flick as he puts on his sunglasses to the shotgunning open of locked gates in split seconds to his final catchphrases - "Hasta la Vista baby" and "I'll be back" to name but two. And still there's more to praise: a moral behind the story, a suspenseful score, excellent opening titles, no lulls in the film whatsoever, nice photography, crisp editing...the list is, indeed, endless. In my youth, this was my most-watched film, and I can still watch it over without ever becoming bored. A masterpiece, plain and simple, and one of my very favourite films.

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