Tempting Fate


Drama / Romance

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Alyssa Milano as Gabby Cartwright
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Zane Holtz as Matt Shaw
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Jessica Harmon as Clair
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Magda Apanowicz as Josephine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebekahrox7 / 10

It's a bad idea to flirt via text message unless you're single.

I gave this a seven because I did watch it with interest through the whole thing. A husband betrays his wife by getting a vasectomy behind her back when he knew she wanted another child. He's all I'm sorry, I'm sorry but when she asks that he has it reversed he balks. While feeling angry and betrayed, (and who could blame her?) she goes to a party and meets a young tech millionaire who is a good guy who offers her a pretty sweet business opportunity. Friendship soon turns into flirting via text and ultimately one night of passion. She immediately feels remorse and guilt and cuts off the relationship and her business partnership with him. She reconciles with hubby and all is happy happy happy. But oopsie. She is pregnant.When she breaks the news to hubby (abortion is not even an option)He is very very upset. (and who could blame him?) He leaves her and proceeds full speed ahead to divorce, selling the beloved family home, and breaking up the family. She wants to work it out because they really did have a great marriage and wonderful family before the infidelity. Their two daughters feel the fallout. One hates her mother, the other favors her mother, but acts out in a truly horrendous way and is expelled. He is all you did this! It is all your fault! He refuses to take any responsibility. Well enough plot outline. It all proceeds in a fairly predictable manner.

My main quibble is how happy it all ended. I mean talk about rainbows,sparkles, and unicorns. It ends up she didn't only not lose a husband, but gained a millionaire baby daddy whose new girlfriend is even welcomed as a family friend. It was too cheesy even for me.

Reviewed by carolynocean2 / 10

Not Feeling The Love Here !

I'm sorry , but REALLY? . This movie irritated me so much that I had to post my review while it was fresh in my mind.

Did she honestly expect any other reaction from her husband and daughter?

I mean, she acted like a spoilt child , boohoo, I haven't been so happy lately so I just went and had some fun , and guess what ? I 've got a little surprise for you all !!! Its ok, nobody needs to know the truth! Now lets carry on as if nothing has happened , and we will all be a lovely happy little family again, PLUS 1 !!! At least for a while the husband stood his ground, but not for long, much to my dismay!

And so on an on , until the very , very sickly sweet end , Cringe Cringe .

Seriously though,maybe this was intended for a teenage audience and i missed the point . Look , I realise that it depends on what kind of movies you are into but , for me, this one is a definite NO NO.

Reviewed by phd_travel5 / 10

What a fantasy!

A me me me bratty wife with two teenage daughters and a loving husband gripes he had a vasectomy without her consent. She has a one night stand with a younger man who isn't really serious. She gets knocked up. The blow up of her marriage is quite watchable - you want to see how things are going to work out or not. But the fairy tale ending from the woman's point of view is just laugh out loud funny. Totally a 2019 kind of ending.

Alyssa Milano looks pretty here - fresher than she did in Mistresses. Steve Kazee acts well as the cuckolded husband.

What a fantasy, what a message. A woman can totally have her cake and eat it!

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