Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mitchandcary9 / 10

Brilliant writing, timing, and delivery.

One of the most enjoyable, smart, deep, and thought-provoking stand-up specials I've seen in years. Those last three adjectives probably don't seem fitting for comedy, but that's what makes this special so unique. "Brava" for tackling sensitive issues in such an honest, selfless, and truly funny way. I enjoyed the heck out of this.

Reviewed by richinhd-3058110 / 10

Gigglesnort funny

Honestly I've never heard of Taylor Tomlinson before (oddly enough) but simply put I think I'm very picky when it comes to comedy and this was absolutely amazing. I laughed out loud several times and was really impressed by her thoughtfulness and how she tied all her subjects together.... I very highly recommend.

Reviewed by namob-436738 / 10

80% amazing, the rest standard girly standup

I give this a 8 simply because large parts of this show is amazing. All the psychology stuff, all the damaged I am taking drugs stuff is fantastic. It is not twisting your stomach dying from laughter funny, but it is so greatly done and so insightful and lovely that you can show this in therapy sessions.

The less funny and not so great is all the standards from female comedians. Sex jokes, phallus jokes, boyfriends and relationships. Which I think is such a shame. Taylor is one of the most insightful, most intelligent and funny comedians in existence today and 80% of this proves that. So when she start talking about porn for women, masturbation and similar I lose a bit of interest. She is still funny, don't get me wrong, she is still better than 9/10 female comedians even when she goes mainstream standard, but when she is talking about therapy, dead relatives and dealing with life she is simply the best and I wish there was more of that.

This is not the best comedy ever. I even think her last special was funnier, although that contained more of the standard stuff. But this is still, at least to 80%, amazing stuff that should be seen and listen to.

I am absolutely convinced that 10-15 years from now Taylor will be hailed as the one of the greatest comedians of all time. She still have some minor bumps and hurdles to get over before she is there, but she will definitely get there.

Fun, entertaining and in some parts fantastic. 8/10.

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