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Reviewed by npapatri9 / 10

Is fascism sexy???

This is a great movie about how fascism can become "sexy". Greatly directed, keeps a nice pace and the storyline is really catching. Great acting by the 2 main characters. Politically, this movie is a "must see", especially because it is studying how easily the racist and fascist phenomenon is rising within underground and also bourgeois European urban environment. This is far more interesting, than a "normal" story of a reckless teenager who is just experimenting to find the path to his/hers life. Paz is a real symbol of the constant personal and collective struggle, in order to change ourselves and society as a hole. Another great one from Spain!!!

Reviewed by matthk8 / 10

More authentic and gripping than the Luc beson TAXI

A frightening tale of racism and resurgent fascism in Madrid in the late '90s. Essential viewing for people interested in the 'New Europe" and all the baggage that comes with it. The movie presents no answers, just observations...

I saw it late one night on irish TV - dunno if it's available on video.

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

Thrilling and thought-provoking Carlos Saura film with a deep denounce to xenophobia and racism

A young girl (Ingrid Rubio) no passing a degree exam , leaves university and cuts her hair , then her father (Angel Andrés López) puts her working as a taxi woman . Soon she discovers that her daddy is not only a driver but also a member of a racist group formed by other cab workers . They form a dangerous and xenophobe gang (Agata Lys , Eusebio Lázaro , Francisco Maestre) who are taking down immigrants , gays , transvestite , junkies and black people . Meanwhile , she falls in love with a young boy named Dani (Carlos Fuentes) , also a taxi-driver and a colleague of the fascist band , and son of Reme (Agata Lys).

The film delivers a sour denounce against racism and xenophobia from a family perspective , concerning about a nasty band who is eliminating people they consider social scum . This issue was formerly treated by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón in his successful movie ¨Camada Negra¨ . This Saura film tried to create a sort of Spanish Neo-Realism by tackling the fascism and the extreme-right wing from a sociological point of view . Unlikely and non-sense screenplay by Santiago Rivero that has some flaws and gaps . It contains violent and crude scenes as well as improbable happenings . The story relies heavily on the love story of two protagonists . Nice acting from the two debuting actors , Carlos Fuentes and Ingrid Rubio who play and speak naturally . Ingrid Rubio stands out as the young girl who after failing an exam , is forced by her father , a taxi-driver, to learn his profession , she shines with her big eyes and spontaneity . Support cast is frankly excellent such as : Agata Lys , Angel Andres López , Francisco Maestre , Eusebio Lázaro , Rodolfo Sancho , Maite Blasco , Pilar Castro , among others . Special mention for the glamorous and brilliant cinematography by the great cameraman Vittorio Storaro , showing a mysterious Park of Retiro full of lights and shades at the end of the movie . And an evocative musical score plenty of Flamenco songs .

The motion picture was well directed by Carlos Saura . The film won numerous prizes and nominations as Camerimage 1996 , Nominated Golden Frog Vittorio Storaro , San Sebastián International Film Festival 1996 Won Special Mention Ingrid Rubio , Nominated Golden Seashell Carlos Saura , Spanish Actors Union 1997 Won Newcomer Award Ingrid Rubio , Nominated Award of the Spanish Actors Union Film : Performance in a Minor Role Pilar Ordóñez . Saura is a well accepted director both nationally and internationally, and in proof of it he won many awards among which there are the following ones : Silver Bear in the Berlin Festival for La Caza or The Hunt (1966),his greatest success in 1965, and for Peppermint Frappé (1967),in 1967. Special Jury Awards in Cannes for La Prima Angélica (1974),in 1973, and for Cría Cuervos (1976) his second big hit , in 1975 . Also, the film Mamá Cumple 100 años (1979) got an Oscar nomination in 1979 as the best foreign film, and it also won the Special Jury Award at the San Sebastian Festival. Along his long career he has won several Goya awards as best adapted screenplay writer and best director.

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