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Reviewed by adetoro2510 / 10

Moving and beautifully made

Just saw this documentary at the LA Film Fest. It is an emotionally stirring movie about the 5 time world boxing champion from Albuquerque, New Mexico Johnny Tapia. The story is told primarily through Tapia's own words, with well selected vintage footage documenting Tapia's rise, fall and struggle to overcome his demons with the help of his wife Teresa. Despite the sometimes grim subject matter Tapia is an engaging guide to his own life and never blames others for any of his hardships. The film also offers a glimpse into the local culture of Albuquerque that spawned Tapia and both nourished him and sowed the seeds of his troubles. Elegant direction by Albuquerque native Eddie Alcazar. Not just for sports fans.

Reviewed by oliverfennell6 / 10

Review by a boxing fan

As a boxing fan, I did not find this quite as engaging as I thought I would.

Of course, Tapia's story is utterly compelling and he proved to be a very poignant interviewee, but I don't think this movie told me anything I didn't already know.

Also, while understanding that it is a difficult task to work how to balance the personal story and the sports story, I felt it leaned a bit too much on the boxing side. There are any number of boxing champions whose sporting accomplishments are outstanding, so it is the life tales that stand out.

------ SPOILERS in next paragraph ------

Personally, I would have liked more time to have been spent on the revelation of his mother's killer and his father's true identity. Also, Johnny's own death should have been more than a footnote. I realise production had probably wrapped up by then, but it would have been worth it to go back and get reaction footage and re-edit. The climax would have been that much more powerful.

----- end of spoilers -----

For all that, it is still an accomplished piece of film-making which does its best to please both boxing fans and neutrals. It will probably please the latter group more as the story will not be as well known to them.

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