Tango Shalom


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Fresh71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright90%
IMDb Rating5.810356


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Lainie Kazan Photo
Lainie Kazan as Leah Zlotkin
Despina Mirou Photo
Despina Mirou as Susan Shulman
Renée Taylor Photo
Renée Taylor as Deborah Yehuda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by garibaldiprod9 / 10

Massimo Zeri is a fantastic cinematographer!

If you look Massimo Zeri up on IMDB you will see he worked with Fellini, Mazursky, and Merchant Ivory! His lighting of the different houses of worship in Tango Shalom highlighted such diverse iconography, showing off how each culture is a world unto its own! The elements of wood, single-source lighting, and rich, old-world traditions in the synagogue, to the vibrant colors in the Sikh temple, to the gold patina in the mosque, to the kaleidoscopic light in the stain-glassed church, Mr. Zeri took us on a cinematic odyssey! A a blazing display of bravura!


Reviewed by tombay2210 / 10

Actress "Judi Beecher" rocks in memorable film "Tango Shalom"

I screened this film by chance and what a pleasant surprise. The storyline was very unique, clever and it really explored cultural chords in a humorous but visceral fashion. Actress "Judi Beecher" was fabulous as Raquel Yehuda and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" film star Lainie Kazan was just stellar. Wonderful cast ensemble and a must see. Loved it!!!!

Reviewed by ak3622 / 10

Come for the Reductive Representation of Religion, Stay for the Bad Editing

This was pitched as a comedy about a rabbi trying to navigate Argentine tango dancing while adhering to his religious tenets. It's ... not that. There's hardly any dancing, the movie dwells on excessive and unnecessary B-roll footage when time could be spent on better script writing and character development. The film tries to make a bigger point about religious pluralism, but ends up whiffing given that the script writer probably spent 20 minutes on Wikipedia looking up the traditions of each faith. The lack of depth absolutely shows, and the filmmakers try to patch over it by providing elaborate shots of religious ceremonies.

The acting quality wavered from Hallmark movie to high school production - and I'm not even referring to the kids (who were fine). The jokes were dragged out, intolerably so.

So that this isn't a completely negative review, a couple of standouts from this otherwise. I thought Judi Beecher as Raquel, Moshe's wife, acted well, given the material that she had. Her character was the only one with any sort of depth. Karina Smirnoff was also in her element in the dance scenes, although her character suffered from lack of proper development.

This film had a lot of promise but missed the mark completely.

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