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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bernathandras-118597 / 10

A "Fresh meat".

A very interesting documentary with a detailed realistic "T-rex body" and with a creative idea(?) to show us how it looked from outside to inside the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Reviewed by pffear10 / 10

A total cut above.....

Had there been a News Media story placed before I saw this documentary, I would have believed it was real, swallowing it hook, line and sinker..... That's how realistic the special effects are, and I'm a hunter who has butchered more than a few big game animals over the years..... Totally worthwhile to watch, and watch again to see what you missed the first time around..... But they built it somehow. Amazing job, bravo❗

Reviewed by sjbolton9 / 10

Just superb.

A realistic autopsy of a "dead" t-rex. An incredible amount of work and research went into creating the body so it can be examined layer by layer. The latest (at the time) research from palaeontology has revealed many credible facts about various dinosaurs such as chemical analysis of fossils revealing colour pigments that were chemically changed during fossilisation which have shown dinosaurs had marking patterns and backtracking the chemical reaction gives us chemicals and thus the colours present when the dinosaurs were alive.. imprints in fossils show the evolution of feathers and feather stems from pores like we see today with hair and whiskers. Working with the size and density of fossil bones the stresses and weight of dinosaurs can be determined. These sorts of things are well documented in peer reviewed scientific literature, its not just guesswork. Thanks to Jurassic Park though a recent resurgence occurred in the study of dinosaurs and all that new knowledge went into the planning and preparation of the t-rex body used in this documentary. This show is about the autopsy to explain and show the biology and explain some of the things we've learnt from fossils in a way that the lay person can understand. The body is so realistic it may not be suitable for some who are squeamish about such things (like if you had trouble dissecting a creature in high school biology.) Every little aspect of the t-rex physiology is based on rigorous science and amazingly recreated as an intact body so as the show scientists cut it open they encounter features that would have been present on/in the living creature. This is a life size adult creature too and the show is much in the same vein as Inside Natures Giants which in turn back in the Victorian Era had public viewable creature dissections as both for educational and entertainment purposes. Just an astounding documentary for all.

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