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Jennette McCurdy as Savannah Westcott
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Ariana Grande as Amanda Benson
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Ciara Bravo as Melissa Bing
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Bethany Brown as Band Member #3
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bluekeet6 / 10

Decent compared to what I was excepting

Lately, it seems Nickelodeon has been going downhill from the releases of their new series', but when I saw them advertising for one of my favorite books I read in elementary school, I thought "Great. Now they're going to make a mockery out of this book." Surprisingly, that didn't happen. It flowed out smooth enough to take in the movie without too many judgements, but it didn't completely elude my judging. There were 2 things I didn't care for in this TV movie. One being it verged from the original story a bit. I kept waiting for the part when Ben would reveal his narcolepsy, but that never happened. Aside from that, I was disappointed that the final heist never happened in Swindel's house, instead in a hotel lobby. Nick definitely took away the most suspenseful part. The second thing I did not care for were Noah and Jennette's characters. Savannah was meant to be the animal lover and the dog whisperer. Instead she was an actress with really no part. Ariana's character wasn't even "Pitch", instead she simply went by "Amanda" (Which wasn't even her real name in the book). However, though Nick left out some of the scenes I was hoping to see, they did a pretty decent job and is easily re-watchable.

Reviewed by aprilsfriendorin8 / 10

How is this nickelodeon movie this good?

Honestly this movie is really good? Like, it's targeted toward kids, but even an adult can enjoy it. Yes, it has plenty of stupid moments, but you can just laugh those off and still enjoy it. Props to nick for this one

Reviewed by bnoel-774-5154479 / 10

You can only expect so much from a Nick movie!

First and foremost, this is a NICKELODEON TV MOVIE. If you are expecting an Oscar winning performance or storyline, some reevaluation of your life should be done. Keeping that in mind, this movie is probably one of the best kid's made for TV films I've seen in a long time. Although, it wasn't laugh out loud funny, it definitely kept my attention through out the entire 120 minutes. The story was VERY well done. All of the characters were quirky and like able. And the character development in a few of the characters (Darren and Amanda) were really cute(for lack of better words). I didn't personally read the book, but the changes should be no surprise to anyone.

All in all, this movie was really good. Something the kids can watch with adults, but without the latter dying of boredom. I definitely recommend it for those who aren't ridiculously and unnecessarily critical.

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