Surprise Me!


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Sean Faris as Jeff Bachmann
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Nicole Sullivan as Ellen
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Fiona Gubelmann as Genie Burns
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kamurai256 / 10

"A Surprised Known"

Good watch, would watch again, and can recommend.

This is a good, if somewhat standard, "boy next door" trope mixed with a "control freak" and " eating disorder" cliches.

Fiona Gubelmann pretty much carries the movie, but she's good enough to watch it just for her. Sadly, I think this plays a factor as a lot of the movie is just her not accepting the availability of the guy she loves.

Sure, it's a chick flick, but the way the break down and dissect the scenarios through the scenes is pretty good.

It was an uplifting watch that I could really use at the time.

Reviewed by miss_fashion_editor6 / 10

There are cheesy parts, but this is a good film.

Yes, there are cheesy parts but I did find myself laughing quite a few times. There are serious parts, too. I liked how this movie portrayed friendship and family. There were quite a few good messages throughout the movie about relationships, self observation, and grief. I think it's a great movie for women and young women to watch. Or even couples. I like to watch lesser known or low budget movies and review them because for the ones that are good and worth watching, I want the writers to know they did a good job and to keep going. It wasn't perfect, but I was entertained the whole way. And I left feeling a more introspective. So, great job :)

Reviewed by shacmasta4 / 10

Not all books need to be adapted into a film

Surprise Me is a classic example of a book - which I admittedly never read but by watching this film can easily see it was better than the film.

First the pacing is terrible...which is usually a problem. It ebbs and flows like some demented girlfriend...from comedy to drama. It's like a girlfriend who asks if she looks fat in this dress and you just don't know how to respond... This was an hour and 45mins of emotional torture... The acting is pretty terrible I'm a fan of rom-coms and enjoy Jonathan Bennett in most of the things he's done. He's pretty much the only redeemable quality. The rest of the cast is horrid. Sean Faris plays his role like a creepy murderer who's waiting to peel his girlfriends face skin and wear it as a mask. Fiona Gubelmann is plain intolerable...I know a lot of her bad acting is probably the script but just so many scenes were absolutely cringeworthy. How she snapped at her mother for not caring about her father's her snapping at her best friend for actually having a girlfriend and seems her playing the jealous girlfriend routine, it was torture.

The biggest issue with this film is the marketing department wanting to grab that romantic comedy fanbase cash but this film is truly at its core about a woman who is still grieving the death of her father....because of that it never really knows what it is and you watching it can only sit there confused, bored and annoyed.

Don't go into this film expecting a Hallmark or Lifetime romantic comedy...Do not be fooled by the poster.

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