Summer with Monika

1953 [SWEDISH]

Action / Drama / Romance

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Harriet Andersson as Monika Eriksson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

better than most Bergman films and more approachable for the average person

I've seen a lot of Bergman's films. In my mind, I put them in one of two categories--those that are about death and angst and are prone to causing depression in the viewer, and the rest of his films. This film, though rather somber and sad, is downright ecstatic compared to his later films. There is a tendency for SOME to view these less depressing films as lesser Bergman pictures, but I think this is a big mistake.

Monika is an excellent film. It is a thought-provoking portrait of an immature young woman who is so desperate to escape her home life that she tries to grow up too quickly--jumping headlong into a relationship that skips all the normal niceties and becomes sexually intimate. Like many teens, she and her boyfriend think they can overcome all their obstacles (such as age, immaturity and lack of jobs) and everything will just "work out". Thankfully, the writers showed what REALLY would happen in a case like this--initial infatuation and delirium followed by reality, then boredom and ultimate disaster.

Despite a little bit of nudity, this would be a fantastic film to show any teen who thinks they know everything and is jumping headlong into a serious and intense relationship before they are emotionally ready.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

A fine example of a master at work

Summer with Monika is one of Ingmar Bergman's, Sweden's greatest director, best films. It is incredibly well shot tying in wonderfully with the themes of disillusion and desertion, with some of the most memorable images of Bergman's 50s films. The shots of Stockholm and the sunlit scenes of the otherwise islands of great isolation stay in the mind for a very long time. Bergman's direction as always is superb, while the music fits the contrasting moods perfectly and the dialogue is understated and thoughtful. The story is basically a study of young summer love and alienation of city life, and it manages to be the last examples of that and one of the best as well. The joy and innocence of this kind of love is done to both haunting and poignant effect. The two leads exude a great chemistry and both give fine individual performances. Lars Ekborg makes the adoration aspect of his character very believable, but Harriet Anderssen for me gave the more impressive performance. Her performance is sassy with eyes that are very telling of anything but. All in all, Bergman has directed so many wonderful films that show him as a master of cinema, and Summer with Monika is up there with his best. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Hitchcoc8 / 10

Misery Loves Company

Two young people, stuck in pointless jobs, find each other. Monika is in love with love and Harry is a willing partner for her. He is simple and kind and doesn't see the pitfalls ahead. She is the aggressor at all times, and he is so smitten it makes no difference. The two quite their jobs and steal a boat to take off to who knows where. The enjoy themselves for a while. However, a young man who Harry has had trouble with before, sets the boat on fire and throws all their supplies and clothes overboard. They put out the fire but it is an event they can't overcome. It is also getting cold and Monika is pregnant. Harry is the mature one and tries his best but she is still a child with a huge streak of selfishness. She feels her life should be like in the movies (Harriet Andersson does a magnificent job. At times she is pretty. At others, very plain). When the real world hits, Harry's taking responsibility for his new family (a little girl is born) is a big bore to Monika. While he studies and trying to better himself and ultimately bring more money to the family, she is having men up to the apartment. She says she is in love and shows her disdain in every way possible. This is a slice of life thing with real human beings doing what human beings do. Sometimes that means they cut each other's hearts out. Since the entire foundation of their love was based on an empty need for affection, it stands to reason at some point it will all come tumbling down.

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