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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jay-adams5310 / 10

'Get behind me Satan!' = Why I love this film! My new top 10er!

I was fortunate to see the sneak preview tonight at my church. AWESOME is the only word I can use to describe it.

It is in fact not only a movie but a cultural phenomenon, a bigger than life event. This film is a remarkable triumph because not only is the story moving and entertaining throughout but the Biblical story of Satan's fallout with God, his evil purpose for mankind is crafted to move and tell the story are so artistically powerful and universally appealing.

QUESTION: What movie today even talks about God? I just want to point out that a lot of people are pointing to the illegal downloaders as the reason for the attack that brought the score down from a 7 to a 4. Wrong. It was the devil and it's minions, I believe. Because like the other poster said we don't battle against flesh and blood (humans) as the Bible points out. The attackers will stand before God someday and give an account. In their pedestrian minds, I believe they truly don't care and that in itself deserves hell when they die.

Reviewed by bkoganbing3 / 10

Outrageous In Concept

Young law student Bart Bronson upset over the death of his mother has concluded that Satan is responsible for all the evils in the world. So what to do but take out a lawsuit and sue him. So in this Australian Christian film he does just that. There is a service problem to be sure, but Satan himself answers the show cause order which is what they would call it in the USA. Satan even assembles a dream team of lawyers to help in his defense leaving no doubt that law is a profession he dominates. There's a reason for all those lawyer jokes.

This film which I could take apart theologically as well as cinematically is a turkey. So when you're in a turkey what do you do but gobble gobble full blast. Which is the reason I'm sure Malcolm McDowall took the part of the Prince of Darkness. Other than a healthy paycheck that cleared the bank before cameras started rolling and a trip to Australia McDowall is in this film so he can have a ball overacting outrageously in the role of Satan. This film ought to be shown in every acting class in the world as what overacting looks like full blast.

Does Bronson win his case? That's for you to find out and what also happens in the coda that follows. I doubt this one will win too many converts.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson4 / 10

Pleased To Meet You Hope You Guess My Name

law student Luke'O Brien mother has been killed by a drunk driver . Vowing to kill the man who did it he tracks him down . Pulling a gun out of the glove department he also finds a bible and instead of killing the man responsible for his mothers death he then decides to sue the man responsible for all the problems in the world - Satan

If you think that premise sounds a little far fetched then you haven't seen anything yet and be warned if you're expecting a 21st Century version of Michael Powell's A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH because this certainly isn't what SUING THE DEVIL is about . In short it's Christian propaganda of the worst , totally one sided that blames some fallen angel called Satan for the world's problems . I'll say one thing in the films favour and that's that it went on for nearly two hours where the Christians didn't blame the Jews for anything so that's a major plus point but everything else is fundamentally flawed . If you're going to sue someone for all the world's problems then there's one major candidate who should be in the dock - God

Let's suppose someone hijacks a plane and crashes it in to a high rise building . Who's getting the blame for that ? Satanists ? Atheists ? Agnostics ? Hmmm let me guess . Something to do with the will of Allah ? Am I getting warmer ? What's the first thing you think of when someone mentions " Catholic priest " ? A pious upstanding man of God whose vow of celibacy stands him in good stead ? I doubt if people problems with Catholic priests has anything to do with celibacy . Quite the reverse in fact . You switch on The God Channel and see the saintly Pat Robertson talk about tornadoes , Earthquakes and all sorts of natural disasters and who does he blame . Not Mr Satan but sinners who are being punished from God for all the filthy sin they're committing

And let's look at the so called hero of the story law student and born again Christian Luke O'Brien who starts the film planning to commit a murder and who Satan exposes as a sinner because ... wait for it ... Luke accessed internet porn 349 times before he got married . Cut to a devastated Mrs O'Brien who is devastated that her husband enjoyed masturbating to internet porn before they got married . Right so masturbating is a worse sin than planning murder ? I really hope the Taliban don't have access to lesbian porn , I mean how disgusting is that one minute you're watching a couple of hot chicks using each other as infidel sex toys then the next minute you're executing infidel whores in soccer stadiums . I mean they're both of the same moral equivalence are they not ? The arguments put forward are nonsensical but when you've got a mythical figure in the dock being condemned for being the antithesis to another mythical figure then you're not expecting a fly on the wall documentary but there's not the slightest element of irony to any of this . The lack of real life court protocol is distracting and irritating in equal measure . I'm no lawyer but even I know much of the questioning and incident seen here would lead to contempt charges and just because the film has a camp , tongue in cheek feel which one wonders is intentional is no excuse

The casting is very strange . We have relatively well known names like Corbin Bernsen and Tom Sizemore but they're playing rather superfluous peripheral characters who have little relevance to the plot and it's left to Bart Bronson as Luke O' Brien to carry much of the film . I wouldn't say he was wooden but I'm sure I saw him appear at this years world snooker championship as Ronnie O' Sullivan's cue . The only good performance is by Malcolm McDowell and even then it's one of those oh look at me aren't I a mincing luvvie channeling Jack Nicholson type performances but keeps the movie relatively watchable to a degree as does the rather ironic subtext

In short this is a Christian propaganda film and like the worst propaganda its agenda is to preach to the converted , literally in this case . This explains why there's so many comments on this page giving the film full marks but yet explanations within the user comments fail to say why they've given this movie full marks . On my own part I've been rational and been are more objective

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