Stroke of Luck


Action / Comedy

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Patty Guggenheim as Natasha
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Noel Ramos as Officer Bennett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zvjarak10 / 10

Good movie,

Held my attention all the way through, the actor playing Nathan was very convincing and had great chemistry with his costar Sarah. Would watch w again.

Reviewed by supermellowcali2 / 10

Save yourself

Maybe it was a mistake to set high expectations with all the award nominations (presumably) on the cover; maybe this movie seemed like a good idea from the pitch meeting, and maybe the investor didn't bother to read the script; and maybe with good actors it could have worked. As it stands, I'm giving it an extra point (from 1) for the benefit of doubt since I'm not going to finish this one.

Reviewed by pcperfectwindsor3 / 10

Bad but 1st time filmmaker shows promise

The story line was ok. While some of the scenes seem natural, others were very ridiculous and unbelievable that a situation like this or that would never happen. The opening scene starts off kinda bizarre then jumped to something somewhat understandable. Although the spoken script needs.some tweaking to feel more like a natural conversation. The horse talking thing...what can I say "Head Scratchier". Constructive criticism to the filmmaker on this matter: It was completely useless to add the horse talking thing at all that only he could hear, becuase it went absolutely nowhere..He didnt think he was going crazy or just freaked out...Was just weird and unnessasary.

I do feel this filmmaker has a 7star movie in him but unfortunately it will only come with experience.

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