Street Thief


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chrisbanach-16 / 10

Another clone of "Man bites Dog"

This movie is very well done, even though this kind of fake documentary ain't new.

They're very inspired by the amazing "Man bites Dog" (1992),where a crew is following a thief/serial-killer. "Man bites dog" was much better though because it is all about dark humor and the actor is extremely witty and funny while explaining techniques of kills or robbery. Another similarity is how the crew is eventually becoming involved in the illegal acts of the main actor.

Check this pure classic here : because, in my opinion, nothing will ever top "Man bites dog".

But this one is a nice try and definitely worth watching.

Reviewed by gzamikes9 / 10

A great film which has a secret that brings it down a bit

Anyone who has seen this should know it's a hard movie to review without giving away the big secret associated with it.

As I was watching it, I was surprised it hadn't been picked up by a distributor but after it ended, I realized why. Unfortunately it's not a secret that appears at the end of the movie and if you do too much poking around before watching this, you'll be able to figure it out on your own which will ruin your experience. I highly suggest seeing this without doing too much research on it. Not wanting to go blind into it? The movie follows a thief who cases places and then robs them. He goes from one job to the next staying two steps ahead of the people filming him by being mysterious but very revealing at the same time.

This is a well-shot film that also does a fine job of holding your attention. It's really captivating from the first few minutes and the movie doesn't let up until the end. However, the secret associated with the movie brings it down a bit. Highly recommended otherwise.

Reviewed by azazual9910 / 10

great movie, hope it gets picked up

Hey anyone looking for a fresh look at a criminal movie, this is it. I saw this at the Tribeca Film Festival and I was blown away. The Q&A with director afterwords was great because people couldn't grasp what they just saw. It is so real its scary. Too bad this movie hasn't been picked up yet because it would do great both in box office and in rentals. I'm not sure if its still playing in festivals but if it is playing near you go see it. You wont be disappointed. The filmmakers follow a thief on his routine of scouting locations and prepping for the heist. The thief is aware of the camera and actually isn't always compliant with the filmmakers during interview sessions. In fact he doesn't even allow the filmmakers to go inside most places and actually film what he's doing. He is mic'ed so we only hear whats going on. This effect makes the film seem even more real. I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone but the one heist he does allow the filmmakers inside for is quiet amazing to watch. I remember being on the edge of my seat and usually I look around the audience to see everyone else,s reactions, being a filmmaker myself, but this scene I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. So again I strongly recommend this film to everyone. I believe this is one of the best films of the year and the best one I saw at Tribeca.

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