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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton8 / 10

Not Your Standard Cowboy B

Harold Goodwin and his gang have been rustling horses. Everyone thinks it's the wild stallion, The Strawberry Roan, who's been breaking them out. They rope him and bring him down to William Desmond's ranch. He offers his spread to the man who can ride her. Ken Maynard, who's courting Ruth Hall, waits his turn.

Universal certainly knew how to spend their money cannily on their westerns. Although the copy I saw looked like it was cobbled together from an assortment of clips, there's some lovely shots by cinematographer Ted McCord, Nate Gatzert's script works well, and Alan James' direction emphasizes the rough good humor and sense of fair play of the cowboys, rather than the standard backing story. The long riding sequences, instead of going on forever, allow the pacing to cool down; the musical interludes amuse because Ken Maynard can't carry a tune; and the big ending isn't a gallop to chase the bad guys and a shootout, but a herd of wild horses wrecking the ranch, and Ken's attempt to ride the title beast. It's a delightful change of pace from the standard B western.

Reviewed by Diosprometheus7 / 10

A enjoyable Ken Maynard film

Made in 1933 while cowboy star Ken Maynard was under contract at Universal, this film has better production values than some of his other sound films. For those curious about Maynard and his famous horse Tarzan, this is really a great, enjoyable and unusual Western. This is not really a shot 'em up Western. There is plenty of action, however, in this story of how a Wild Strawberry Roan comes to be tamed.

If you know the famous song, you know the plot of this film. In fact, part of the plot involves a fictionalized account of how the catchy song came to be. Ken displays his limited but real cowboy-like singing abilities. Maynard is sometimes credited as the first singing cowboy in the movies, although Gary Cooper sang a tune in the 1929 Virginian.

Tarzan also shows why he became the famous horse he once was, and has some

memorable and exciting scenes. Tarzan does not play the Strawberry Roan as he is Ken's horse and the Roan is a Wild Horse.

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