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Reviewed by moonspinner553 / 10

Corny, poorly-made vehicle for Dolly

Advertised as a "date movie", this comedic vehicle for Dolly Parton is really full of chick-flick clichés, hopefully the last gasp for the Cinderella Specialty. Parton plays a country bumpkin named Shirlee who relocates from the sticks to Chicago, inadvertently landing a job as a talk-radio psychologist (when asked about her education, Shirlee tartly replies she graduated from "Screw U"). Corny, old-fashioned in the worst sense, and just plain stale. James Woods and Griffin Dunne are both highly inappropriate male leads for Dolly, whose natural effervescence is apparent but not utilized to any advantage. Parton also performs on the soundtrack, with the title cut being one of her very weakest songs. *1/2 from ****

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies4 / 10


Straight Talk has been sitting on my shelf, part of a Mill Creek set along with VI Washawski, just taunting me, knowing that someday, somehow, someway that it would end up sitting in my DVD player, ready to cast its magic spell.

Writer Craig Bolotin often worked uncredited on films like Desperately Seeking Susan before writing this film. He'd go on to also write and executive produce Black Rain. This one was directed by Barnet Kellman, who is more well-known for his TV work.

The real draw, of course, is Dolly Parton. She plays Shirlee Kenyon, a dance instructor wallowing in Arkansas with her boyfriend, who is played by Michael Madsen. Yes, in the same year that he played Mr. Blonde, Madsen was the backwoods drunk beau of Dolly in a movie that no one remembers.

But he's not the love interest. Oh no, that'd be James Woods, who plays a crusading reporter who has lost his way. He saves Dolly early in the film when she tries to fish a Jackson off a bridge. Then, of course, she talked a young Teri Hatcher into dumping Mr. Woods, who of course falls for our girl, who falls into a job as a talk radio psychotherapist.

She's not a doctor, you may yell. Guess what, pal? You just realized the dramatic issue here. Can Dolly keep the job she's best at? Will Woods divine her secret? Will Madsen screw it all up? And what the hell is up with this amazing supporting cast, which boasts Griffin Dunne, Tony Award-winners Tracy Letts, Amy Morton and Philip Bosco, Jerry Orbach, John Sayles (yes, the man who wrote Piranha, The Howling and Battle Beyond the Stars),Spalding Grey in a cameo as a rival shrink, Charles Fleischer (Roger Rabbit's voice),Jay Thomas (who was a real radio man himself and plays Zim Zimmerman here)?

It's also Ron Livingston's screen debut. So it has that going for it.

Seriously, Straight Talk is way better than it seems that it will be. I don't think that it presents the right path to radio - it completely rips off an old WKRP In Cincinnati episode's plot, too - but it's a quick movie that's helped by Parton's limitless charm. Yep - I've been front row for several of her shows and an unabashed fan, so your mileage may vary.

Reviewed by preppy-37 / 10

Totally unbelievable but fun

Shirlee Kenyon (Dolly Parton) leaves her small town and deadbeat boyfriend (Michael Madsen!) for the big city (Chicago). She loves giving advice to people. She accidentally gets on the radio one day and starts giving callers her honest, kind advice about their love lives and such. She is immediately a hit (just like real life huh?) and becomes wildly popular. Investigative reporter Jack Russell (James Woods--yes THAT James Woods) starts looking into her past and slowly starts to fall in love.

The story is ridiculous and familiar at the same time but I DID like this movie. Parton's charm and acting (I think she's good) carry this film through its rough spots. The story moves quickly and (if you don't think about it TOO much) it's actually not too bad. Also Parton sings a few nice (if unmemorable) songs. The title track was supposed to be a hit but didn't make it. The only negative thing about this is Woods. Now, he's a great actor but casting him as a romantic lead just doesn't work. He's uncharacteristically frantic and seems uncomfortable. Still he does try. Casting Madsen as Parton's boyfriend was another bad choice. Look for a young Teri Hatcher at the beginning before she hit it big with "Lois and Clark".

I was one of the few people to see this in a theatre. There was virtually no advertising and the movie disappeared quickly. The studio dumped it completely...but it's not THAT bad. If you hate Parton steer clear of this. But, if you like her, you'll get a kick out of this. I give this a 7.

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